The San Francisco 49ers Should Trade Jimmy Garoppolo Now


Young. Basically, just talk about what we've been talking about right? He basically said it comes down to whether Kyle can trust Jimmy completely right. That's that's what he said Well, and then Jimmy's gotta execute it. And it's just their evaluation of Ah, Jimmy Garoppolo and And I was thinking When Matt barrels was on has been covering the team a while. You know, it's just one of the worst days as far as injuries to find out, you know, Chill your offensive, Captain Zerg on your quarterback, and you're And you're arguably your best overall player. Certainly one of your team leaders who just gave Ah $75 million contract, too. And Have you had some bad days that second week of the year against the Jets when Nick Bozo went down and Solomon Thomas went down and Jimmy hurt. The ankle initially was pretty bad. So that was a bad day. And then you know, going back to Steve's career much his first game in 97. Warren Sapp knocked Concussed him and not Jerry out. Jerry. Try to come back later, and it turned out to be worse and Steve did come back. So there's been some bad days and days of Steve Young. You know, when they first got here it was before Plan B Free agency, which was the first kind of soft entree. Into free agency in the NFL. You know, you could have Joe Montana, Steve Young and Steve Bono. When that was your three and a quarter back room, just incredible. And you know, the Raiders said Ah, Lamonica, Landa and Stabler all other same team. I mean, you just don't have that luxury. So the reason we're talking about this is the finances of it. And where Jimmy is that in the contract in the way they they front loaded the contractors. They had salary cap room at the beginning, so they They can make a choice here financially. Take it out from under Jimmy Garoppolo is even talking about before the year even started. I don't think this is really anything. I knew Jimmy has no more guaranteed money in his contract after this year, and the 40 Niners would have Tio suffer a two point million dollar dead, cap it if they trade him. Or release him. So I would much rather release him are partly trade him, then release him. But also the timing of this. The new league year will start. And you don't have to make any call on Jimmy Garoppolo. D have somebody on the hooker in the building or signed to a contract to be able to do that. So if you are going to replace him, you have to have somebody to replace him with And you're not going to do that now. I mean, it's just an exercise there. We're gonna play now that they do. Look at people They do look at contracts and they do look at who's possibly available and all that's in play. Now

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