Well, have a look at sports after this guys.


In the 6 80 Wcbm Maryland News Center with the headlines in the news this hour Larry Hogan warning of a major surgeon Corona virus cases, the Republican governor said Maryland State wide mass mandate remains in full effect. The governor says the state has built a long term testing strategy and a robust contact tracing operation a divided three judge panel from the fourth U. S Circuit Court of Appeals upholding a judge's ruling that allowed Baltimore police to continue an aerial surveillance program. Baltimore Police Department pilot project was scheduled to take its final fight last Saturday. Thie University of Maryland's College Park campus will transition to mostly online courses after the school's Thanksgiving break due to concerns about rising covert 19 cases. The school's president made the announcement in a letter to the university community yesterday. Federal prosecutors say a grand jury has indicted a Maryland man on charges of possession with intent to distribute fentanyl and assault on a federal officer. According to court documents. 31 year old Andrew Joseph Trimmer of Buoy was the subject of an investigation into narcotics sales in southern Maryland. Well, have a look at sports after this guys. You've

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