The polls were wrong, is the system broken?


A few days after election days, several US House races have you had to been to be decided as voting. Vote counts continue in tight races. But one thing is clear. Democratic hopes of expanding the majority in the U. S House did not happen. They lost seats to Republicans. Fox News anchor Chris Wallace called out pollsters for their quote really bad. 2020 presidential election, miss calling the industry Broken. On Fox News The daily briefing with Dana Perino on Thursday. Mr Wallace said, I wouldn't want to be in the polling business that just seems broken. Here's the exchange earlier. You know, polling. I wouldn't want to be in the polling business that it just seems broken. I don't know how you offensive We kept hearing in 2016. They were going to fix it that they had fixed it. It was really bad. This time. Wisconsin. One of the Poles said that Biden was ahead by 17 points. He wasn't on and you know the other big story of the night. Regardless of what happens for President is the big blow away? That wasn't even a big blue ripple look, looks not certain, but it looks like Republicans will hold on to the Senate on DH. Yes, Democrats will hold on to the House, but they'll of loss. It's not gain seat. So you know, if the Democrats win the presidency, they're going to feel okay about it. But the rest of the rice is it was not a particularly good night for Democrats.

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