I did one more gye vodkas bend. Now you see that puck cost out and started listening. I took my microphone. Found some human then. I recalled it all the noises while my name is at buxton. I want you to enjoy. That's the hey. Hey how you doing podcasts. Adam buxton here and look at this. What are we looking. Let me tell you what. I'm looking at out here in the norfolk countryside. It's like a kind of special effect. Because on this day. Sunday the eighth of november. As i speak it is now coming up to full thirty in an hour. It will be completely doc. But it's been a lovely mild almost balmy day here in the countryside. Very beautiful and now the evening chill is setting in. I guess the off the has been warmed up by the sun is now making it misty in little localized patches. That look like ghost areas. It's quite cool. vote rosie. That missed his chasing us from over there. There's just a big weed patch of missed and it's coming towards us. Let's run away. Sorry i didn't mean to freak you out rosie's looking at me now. Like is your problem. You want to go up the exciting hill with accounts usually are. I think the cows have gone away now for the winter so we won't be antagonist them s but let me tell you a bit about podcast. Number one hundred thirty eight which features a laughter and music filled conversational ramble with frontman of scottish band. Travis fran healy friend fax. Fran currently aged forty seven. Grew up in glasgow. Scotland and joined travis on the day he enrolled at the glasgow school of art in the autumn of nineteen ninety-one having been invited to join by drummer. Neil primrose lineup changes. I love saying lineup changes because it makes me feel like a music journalist. And i'm really pulling the stops out with my music. Journalese in this intro lineup changes so france art school

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