Solutions for Menopause Symptoms


Well. Let's get started on today's topic. And i. i want to clear up a misconception. That many women still believe in the past. Many women were told that as we age and reach menopausal years we become deficient in the hormone estrogen. Now the truth is most women have too much estrogen. The excess estrogen. Let's just call it. Estrogen dominance and joanne is gonna talk more about that as well. That's right. I think a better way to explain. Estrogen dominance is if we compare the amount of the hormone progesterone that we have to the amount of estrogen that we have so. It's really we really want to be in balance and when we have too much estrogen and not enough progesterone. That is where we get the term. Estrogen dominance right and when we taught her popular menopause survival seminar in house. Most women were very surprised to hear they did not need more estrogen from hormone replacement therapy or hr t which has a lot of what they had heard from Their from their doctors And to be honest these women actually needed to detox. The excess toxic estrogens for their health. Now some of you might be wondering what are the symptoms of access toxic estrogen. So i want to share some information before. I answer that question because i find that women. Even when they're younger you know in their thirties or forties they can also experience those symptoms of estrogen dominance or excess estrogen and so again too much estrogen. That's the of what we've always been told her. That the misconception that we need more men right. here's just a couple of the symptoms that can occur from this. Estrogen dominance and so many women will experience. They'll notice a decrease in sex drive decrease in libido irregular menstrual periods swelling of the breasts breast tenderness. Even fibro cystic breasts. Disease and uterine fibroids sign of too much estrogen right. You had mentioned earlier Headaches or migraines the ones that come before the menstrual cycle. That's right irritability. Depression problems sleeping insomnia and of course weight gain is another one favorite topic right exactly. Oh in joanne You and i were talking before the show about how we have both had clients in the past who had come in and they would talk about. Oh i used to get headaches and migraines but they would be coming to us postmenopausal and they say oh my headaches and migraines no longer bother me right. So that's just an example of someone who was getting headaches and migraines due to likely s excess estrogen right and then with you know with menopause. The hormones all shift right and then the headaches and migraines style and that's not the only caused migraines but it definitely plays in because yachts of women have come in and say i used to get migraines but now don't anymore so we know that's true and there are also more Other more serious symptoms that have been linked to excess estrogen or estrogen dominance and there are certainly links to estrogen dominance and breast cancer. There's also links to uterine cancer. There are links between excessive estrogen and autoimmune diseases especially comes to mind the hypo hypothyroid shimoda thyroiditis. There is a link between excess. Estrogen and excessive. Blood clotting that can lead to heart disease so those symptoms can be very serious.

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