It's Our Holiday Gift Guide


Okay gel so. I think we better start with a nod ben calendar. I mean. it's the most classical gift you could give somebody. I mean i just love this trend that started probably like five six years ago but the beauty advent calendar. So there's so many out there. I just want to highlight one. Though that i think is really good value for your money and that is from the body shop. It's the make it real together advent calendar. Sixty-nine dollars in it's worth one hundred and thirty seven dollars on the outside. It looks like a house like an a frame house in it's purple kind of cardboard packaging. So i like that because it's actually paper so at the end you can recycle it. It's not going to be a ton of waste very beautiful illustrations on the inside and there are twenty four. Little doors that are filled with mini goodies. Yes so i like that you get the full twenty four door experience. Spot is on a lot of bulk and it's not a lot of waste. Yeah so you get everything in there from their lip. Bader is to scented lotions handcream. Shower gels body scrubs. And i like the little extras that they've done. They have a festive nail file. They have hairclips. They have a bath. Lilly in there and bath gloves so these are just like the little things that are like. Oh yeah. I do need a new house. And they've included them in this particular thing so i think it's great bang for your buck and we're spending so much time at home might as well have something to open every day while you have your coffee. Yeah hell yod surprise and delight me every day. You know but. I love the body shop around the holidays because it's great for all ages. It's just so giftable and it doesn't break the bank. So i think that was a grapevine gel. Now i'm really excited to tell everybody about my fine from sephora like i said i crunched all the numbers i put my lake analytics hat on and the winner was the first aid beauty. All that fab five piece holiday sat so this is forty nine dollars. Us with a hundred and twenty seven dollar values. So they're seventy eight dollars in savings. So i know that's a lot of numbers. I just threw out you but basically you're saving more than what you paid for the box. So that's pretty aussie. That's awesome math. It's going to be sixty four dollars. Canadian with hundred and sixty seven dollar value. One thing that i really like about this five piece set is that four out of the five pieces are full-sized. They're not just many. So that's great because you hear a great value. You think it's just going to be the travel size and then has every step of your routine as well. So it's got a cleanser moisturizer cream lip product and exfoliating toning pads. So it really. Has you like completely taken care of all season long. And i'm a fan of i aid beauty anyway because it's great for sensitive skin you know. They don't add a lot of the product. It's been dermatologist tested. I think even if you don't have sensitive skin going into the winter you need that like bare your repair and they have all of these ingredients. That are going to help with that. They've got glycerin to hydrate. Nyah cinema. that's going to help with texture and tone as well colloidal oatmeal. That's going to help to soothe irritated skin and then in the exfoliating toning pads at scott. Aj's going to give you that gentle expoliation. This is a kit. That's great for all genders. All ages all skin types. You know it's just basically like soothing. Brightening doing everything you could ask for mainly hydration so this is a win for me joe. Yeah and no hate no shade to first aid beauty. They're not necessarily sexy looking packaging or products. But they've dressed them up right on this package. I have it right here too. So kind of like an art deco vibe on the front of it is really fun. Ads like silver and gold and black with celestial stuff on it. I mean anybody wanna open this for the holiday awesome levitt. If you guys are on a budget you know when you're not willing to pay the the triple figure price tag. I know you found a kit that was like sitting right around twenty five dollars with some products that we also love right. Yes so this is from bioscience. It's their lives glow kit. It's twenty five. Us dollars with a sixty two dollar value. That's thirty three canadian. Seventy nine canadian value so this includes two products. The scaling and lactic acid resurfacing nights serum plus the scaling and vitamin c rose oil. These are both like smaller. They're not full sized. Get the full experience using these products and for me that squealing and lactic acid. Resurfacing night serum. It's one of my favorite products. I've tried in all of two thousand twenty and the reason is you put it on before you go to bed. You wake up. You're so glowing. It's insane you get those instant results. But there's no irritation and then the vitamin c rose. Oil smells amazing. And it's not greasy at all and it really. I think is a great product to use in tandem with that exfoliating. Yeah i love a face oil. When i'm using heavy duty exfoliating because my skin just got so dry and it just feels like It needs that like give me that oil. After you know so i love this little combo. It even has the gift box like you. Just write. someone's name on the top. You don't even need to give perfect perfect. Yeah love

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