And the Winner is ...Democracy


So we are recording best the friday after the election so things haven't been called yet but we're pretty sure we're gonna know how this racist cali and it is going to lead to as heavy the first woman vice president and that will be a black related a woman and i have with the day here to talk about it to me. A wilson who is everything google her. I mean you're all going to hear about her in the intro that juliet. Thank you for joining me. How are you feeling. Because i got all the feelings. My champagne is a fridge chillan. I can't wait. I can't wait. I am elated. I think the only thing that is really holding me back. Like i'd always imagine that i'd be dancing in the streets when we got this news like i really are liberation celebration. I feel like. I need my liberation celebration. So my only sadness is about covid. Nineteen limiting the level of hype and party that this moment deserves. I'm so excited. I'm so excited to see. Kamala harris make history ads for women for black women for women of color for indian women and also just to have competent. Who have a heart in a people house and take our country back so important for me just throughout the campaign when vice hers bided president elect biden was just talking to people. This is just so refreshing and during that obeys where he walked right into the camera and spoke to people. I knew i had missed that by didn't know how no no now how much i have missed that. And i'm just looking forward to waking up every morning and not having to worry about what foolishness is donald trump going to do today. I'm just so excited. So i wearing my stacey. Abrams shirt today because she is the. Mvp and georgia everything that she has done. And i do wanna talk about the voters but first we gotta talk about how the fifty three percent as now fifty. Five percent the karens really care and in a extended their care majority like fifty five percent of white women voted for donald trump. This is not surprise. The not surprise at all that this is where we are so would love to hear from you when you saw the fifty five percent or you shot. What's going through your mind. I'm so sad that i expected this and i spent a lot of time. Kind of feeling level of guilt around expecting this and becoming numb to that level of betrayal that we as loan of color no expect and have experience again and again and just understanding that patriarchy is drug and white supremacy as a drug and so it's been rough to really think about how complicit the majority of white women are and their accomplices to this kind of terror their accomplices to having a lack of empathy for other marginalized people and not really seeing themselves in the reality of being marginalized people even despite what's happening on the supreme court even despite having multiple sexual predators on the supreme court and one in the white house so for me. It's it's really hard. I wrote a piece in twenty seventeen and the headline for it was. It's complicated. White women white men and white supremacy. And i have thought about it a lot and thought about this history from the plantations to now of the covenant Around how white supremacist. Patriarchy really needs. White women to continue to have it fueled. And that's the thing that i think. I have a lot of grief about that There despite them enduring all of the same kinds of misogynistic a reality Face around the world obviously with their privilege as a part of got They're still the idea that rejecting white supremacy is going to push them away from the privileges and power that they do have and it's easier to accept that to maintain what positioning they have over us. Who are not covered by. That are not protected by that. And so it's a little bit me. When i think about people who've defied bisque over fifty percent of people like heather hair or viola liu so those women were made martyrs that they dared to defy the white patriarchy in paid the price with their lives. So it's something. I think about quite a bit because i I have a sense of understanding. About how conditioning led to that and that by no means means that. I'm keeping for anyone but to say that they also really need to recognize that. That white supremacy patriarchy depends on them to go forth. And even richard spencer and the charlottesville the the language that they used around the invitation to charlottesville had language in it calling on white women. They recognized that. We need you to continue to serve your role for us to prosper. And for me as a black woman i think black men in a different power dynamic of a world where to do that i was stopped that right there because i'd be subordinate in it. But the fact that women are saying. I'll take those crumbs an order to still be over these other people. That's the part. That's still sits really painfully with me. In that we need white women to change it that this is not our job to facts but white women really need to come even harder for. There's

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