UN Secretary-General landmark speech on climate action

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I see of advances that show what can be done from rescue rescuing the ozone layer to reducing extinction rates to expanding protected areas. Many cities are becoming greenish. The circular economy using waste environmental laws of growing rich at least wins fifty. Five united nations member states now legally recognize that a healthy environment is a basic human rights and the knowledge base is greater than ever. I was very pleased to learn by president bolger. that columbia university has launched a climate school. The first new school here in a quarter of a century. Congratulations this is a wonderful demonstration of scholarship and leadership. And i'm delighted to know that so. Many members of the sustainable development solutions network are with us today. A special guests university presidents chancellors deans faculty and other scholars united nations academic impact. Initiatives is working with these additions of higher education across the globe and the contributions of universities are essential to our success. The friends and you will this taking shape. More and more people are recognizing the limits of conventional yardsticks such as domestic gross domestic product in which environmentally damaging activities count as economic positives. Mindsets are shifting more and more people are understanding the need for their daily choices to reduce their carbon footprints and respect planetary boundaries. And we see inspiring waves of social mobilization by young people from protests in the streets advocacy online from classroom education to community engagement from voting booths. To places of work yet. People are pushing their elders to do what is right and we are in a university. These is the moment of truth for people and planet alike coffees and climates have brought us to a threshold we cannot go back to normal of inequality injustice and illicit dominion over the earth. Instead we must step towards a safer more sustainable and equitable path. We have a blueprint the twenty thirty agenda the sustainable development goals and the agreement on climate change. The door is open. The solution is are there now is the time to transform humankind's relationship with the natural world and with each other and we must do so together solidarity is humanity solidarity is survival. That is the lesson of twenty twenty with the world in eighty and ary trying to contain the pandemic. let's learn the lesson and change course for the pivotal periods ahead. And i thank you.

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