Kinda Cute Ep. 68 Everyone Wants to be Friends with Jordan Firstman


Dm's bay be. There's been some big news in the lgbtq plus community this week ellen page has come out as transgender he is now elliott page and bronwyn on real housewives came out as a lesbian and i believe also read that. Her son is wanting to experiment with makeup. So i don't know if he is actually transgender as well but she's very open with him about doing about a correct me. If i'm wrong on that. I just i read that somewhere and this is my problem. I consume so much shitty pop culture. That i love. Obviously this shitty pop culture podcast. That sometimes the headlines. Get a little melded. Welded bamboozled and my mind. Speaking of bamboozle. -ment let's talk about erika jane embezzling money. Oh wow zor. So i thought maybe she was just sick of having an old crusty shangdong and her face it turns out there might be something more going on here and people are surmising that it was actually a sham. Divorce between eric. Jane and famous layer. Tom girardi to protect themselves against a lawsuit. That accuses them of embezzling funds funds. That were meant for families of the victims of the fatal two thousand eighteen lion air plane crash so a lawsuit was recently filed and it says that it was the divorces sham. It's him to fraudulently protect tom. Air because money from those that seek to collect on debts owed by tom and his law firm now. This is so wild to me because funds for clients cats in a completely different client account. And you can't mel those messes with your attorney funds and you can get disbarred just for that just for like the funds together. And this is saying that they took the settlement money energised using it to fund their life not playing out to the victims of this crash in their families so the lawsuit goes on to say that they are locked in a downward spiral of mounting debts and dwindling funds in the two tens of millions of dollars to clients lenders co-counsel settlement administrators and experts to name only a few and gerardi's firm. Aided in the lawsuit against boeing following the two thousand eighteen indonesian plane crash where a boeing seven thirty-seven crashed into the sea cult. One hundred and eighty nine people and gerardi. Like i've always said he's. This is a quote from the lawsuit. He's widely regarded by his peers as one of the nation's top trial lawyers like he's a big deal in the trial world and it says that variety with the help of his clients held onto a significant portion of that money and potentially all of it sharing with his friends and family innovating attempts from the crash victims to contain to obtain their share. This is from a us aid today. Article that i got this information so that just adds a whole other dimension like i again. I'm thinking she doesn't have a pre-nup she's just trying to live her young sexy life. She's hanging out with gleb she's hanging out with. I read. This is another bizarre headline that. I heard that she was also maybe having an affair with scooter braun which that blows my mind. And we'll get to scooter again in a second but speaking of just like crazy pop culture juicy scoop hailey bieber posted on her instagram saying that she figured out who do as you guys know. I've said it five thousand hundred million times at this point. I'm obsessed with the doom wa instagram account. And i don't want hailey posting this to stop dumas from saying what she says. Because i feel like she might be scared to get out there in the open. If if sloughs are going to reveal who she is and it's interesting because dumas has actually done a fair amount of podcasts. So her voice is out there. I know of other influencers like emily. Gillis who about a lot of back in the fifties episode fifty six. She knows who do.

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