For The First Time Since Grounding, American Airlines Boeing 737 MAX Flight Takes Off From Dallas

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For the first time in nearly two years civilians are taking a flight on a boeing. seven thirty-seven max plane today. The demonstration flight operated by american airlines will travel from dallas to tulsa with members of the media as the first passengers since those two fatal crashes grounded the aircraft for twenty months spring in here now transportation analyst. Seth kaplan inset. Today's flight designed to build. Consumer confidence approve their safe after the faa recertified. The max last month so tell us more about today's flight and when we can expect commercial flights yeah ninety journalists wearing masks as any flight these days plus the flight crew. You've got obviously pilots and flight attendants on there. So you add that all up and it's something like two thirds full which nowadays is rather full flight compared to a lot of commercial ones right robin and exactly the fact that they're doing this shows that they are concerned about consumer confidence. of course. now you have cova. Vid impacting consumer confidence in terms of flying. As well as those max issues the flights the crashes rather killed three hundred forty six people terrible well. Undergrounding was a huge blow to boeing financially. Pretty critical. I'd imagine to get these planes back in the air. So you know how critical and what's the sense that this is gonna work. People will get on them even more critical than before because before. At least you had airlines clamoring for the planes to despite the problems you just sort of had this natural inertia. You might call it. Air of airlines just needed the airplanes Now that's different. Now they have most of these airlines too many airplanes even though they still want these planes because they're more efficient they can afford to wait. They can afford not to buy new planes. So this this is is now a double blow to boeing. We thought the worst thing was that they couldn't deliver all these planes airlines wanted The airplanes on their hands airlines don't necessarily need even though over the very long term look airlines want to renew their fleets well and is that just to be clear is that they don't necessarily need it because of covid because so few people are flying right now right because demand is lower. So so if you remember robin when the grounding i happened before the busy summer travel season of a year earlier well airlines couldn't fly their schedules. They were killing on these planes. They count on every airplane to fly during a normal summer whereas now there's just a lot of slack in their fleets and so they might not have the plane they want but they have a plane.

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