Where the College Football Playoff stands after Week 13


Has set, you know on January 1st, um It doesn't sound like they get. They're gonna push off of that Rose Bowl, all the Sugar bowl or you two semifinal sites on Then you got the natty, you know. Two weeks later on on Monday, January 11th down at the Orange Bowl. Esso at hard Rock Stadium in my and Miami Flash, Fort Lauderdale. It doesn't sound like they're gonna move, Freddie. Um oh, that sounds like they're They are going to stick right with that that that schedule and they really don't have a ton of wiggle room. But remember it When it comes to those four teams. If a team does get a hit with covert of the four qualifying semifinalists, they will not move Number five in They will try and figure out a way to play the game. And then that comes into your point of then do you have to try to postpone it? Yeah. Why not a bubble environment. If you college football something, everything. Good night off the table. Well, you know if your college football are you ruling willing to risk Having a potential college ball player and then two teams get infected. Havoc over 19 breakout happened and then you don't have a council of playoff. I know they may be tough to pay for it. And in this time in this day and age with Kovar 19, but if your college football everything has to be on the table if you're really hell bent. I'm having a council playoff. No matter what's going on. I'll tell you this

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