The mystery Of Paul Amadeus Dienach


Story begins in nineteen seventeen in switzerland. Paul is a swiss teacher and academic enthusiast in his twenties he pursued humanitarian studies cultural history and something called classical philology which is basically the study of ancient greek and latin written language. But now paul's thirty one years old and he teaches mostly history and as far as we know he's fairly healthy but then one day out of nowhere hall just falls asleep presumably. It's in the middle of a normal everyday activity because his family and friends tried to rouse him. But paul doesn't wake up this freaks everyone out so they take him to the hospital. The doctors say paul has slipped into a coma but they can't find anything physically wrong with him and paul stays like this for fifteen days until finally he wakes up. It's snowing outside and the second. Paul opens his eyes. His mother falls onto the floor. She is sobbing with relief. Halls a little disoriented when he wakes up but that he seems buying doctors still can't figure out what caused the two week coma but after a few months. Paul seems to be back to normal. Everyone hopes it just a weird one time incident but four years later in may of nineteen twenty one. It happens again. Paul falls asleep and once more. His friends and family can't wait kim. Only this time it lasts longer than a few weeks. A month passes and still nothing at this point. Things are looking even more dire than before. The doctors have to put paul on a feeding tube to keep them alive. Meanwhile his aging mother and his other friends and family continue to visit him. All they can do is pray paul spontaneously wake up but another month goes by and people start to give up hope. His mother even dies during this time. Presumably of natural causes still. It's got to be just the worst way to go knowing that your son is in a mysterious coma even if he does wake. You didn't even get to say goodbye. Finally paul does wake up in may of nineteen twenty two one year after he fell asleep. He opens his eyes. Paul's completely awake and aside from his muscles not being used in a while. He's fully functioning but again doctors have no idea what was wrong with him or if it will happen again. Worst of all someone has to tell him about his mother's passing which breaks his heart. And maybe it's this grief that's weighing on paul. Because from the moment he wakes up. He's acting cagey as he won't say anything about what he experienced during the coma. Which makes sense if there was nothing to talk about but from the way polls refusing to answer his questions. It seems like maybe something did happen while he was unconscious. And that whatever it is he literally doesn't want anyone to know and paul. Strange behaviour doesn't end there because as the months go by he basically becomes a recluse he wants see or talk to any friends or family but from what they can tell. Paul seems to be preoccupied with getting his affairs. In order he cleans out his deceased. Mother's house takes care of his inheritance issues and sell some land other than that. He keeps himself so busy with manual labor. It's as if he's purposefully preoccupying himself and he prefers to spend his evenings alone reading philosophy books and to be fair. Paul is a teacher and he was probably a big reader before but he more invested than ever in his studies specifically anything having to do with philosophy and he's spending a lot of time talking to his priest which is a pretty new development.

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