92 | Fantasy | Circe by Madeline Miller


Weirdo book worms unite. We want to share our love of genre fiction with you. Some readers out there may look down on your for your love of horror sci fi and fantasy but not us so. Stop by as we discuss. What we've been reading i- jonah junkies at sandra and this is scott our back with another book review and i'm very proud to present the title this week because this is my birthday we be birthday. Thank you everyone scott. Being everyone kind of cat is cheering and the snake is cheering. I was really really excited to pick this book Surprisingly not a horror book for my birthday but you know we do love our fantasy and this was just really really calling to me to be read and to be discussed and sometimes you just gotta listen to that intuition especially rennert. Yeah so this week we are going to be talking about sursee by madeline miller And of course. I know there's different ways to pronounce her see. We're going with certainty. Because that's the way i learned it. And that's the way like as much as i tried to do different pronunciations. I just can't make it stick. I've heard searcy as well. Yeah yeah hard for me to say goodbye. That's what i know. He s silla view done or watched anything cool or read. Anything played anything that you want to share with the papers. I mean actually yeah. I guess we're just not gonna talk about the fact that we didn't review a book and the entire month about that though. Yeah absolutely yes. I have actually I've been playing a game from two thousand sixteen twenty seventeen called horizon zero dawn older. It's been out for a while. It came out at the same time as a breath of the wild zelda. Actually and i've owned it since then. And i have never played it until now. That game is so good. It's like a scifi fantasy. Mix up with like you know spiritualism as well as a giant robots it's post apocalyptic is post apocalyptic. Yeah it's kind of post post apocalyptic back so many apocalypse feels like twenty twenty right. I'm changing but the game has beautiful. The story is fantastic ashley. Birch vote acting as the main character is outstanding. And even sandra overhearing noticed another voice actor in there. My god is my beloved. My beloved pup legba american horror story. And i'm like i know emit twenty paces. It's papa legba. I thought i thought it was probably. Oh okay that makes sense. I thought that it was touch faciliate. It's hard to keep up with all of my colt boyfriend fiction. That's fair that's very fair. Now i just and they even animated it to look like him to look like the actor too and it was very like. Oh my god. That's like totes him. Yeah it's really. It's a really good game. I highly recommend it if you have the opportunity to play it on a ps four or the brand new ps five. If you've got your hands on one of them has not please send him one. Please send me one of those xbox. i'll settle for either one. Let's see i've been keeping busy watching stuff for the coal show and for spooky summer party a little bit trying to think if there's anything a particular that i haven't haven't yeah well i can say that i'm coming up on the colts show episode. Which is of course podcasts. A youtube channel that we're going to be doing my birthday celebration and talking about the eighties.

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