Chicago’s Winter Overnight Parking Ban Begins Tonight


Careful where you park overnight in Chicago, because in about an hour make the wrong choice. It'll cost you double you GM traffic. They've got road We're going on tonight over nine of the Tri state, The Ryan, the Ike and the Kennedy Chicago's winter parking ban goes into effect in 59 minutes. And it's enforced whether there's any snow on the ground or not. On 107 miles of the city's main streets, from 3 A.m. to 7 a.m. Violators could be towed faces $60 ticket $150 towing fee and a storage fee of 25 bucks A day Street in Sanitation Commissioner John Kelly says residents can help his department keep the city's critical roadways safe by following posted restrictions. Long legs, no vehicles to get access to the main roads. The ban is with us until April, 1st of next year.

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