So interesting this morning listening to Bernard McGurk and Sid Rosenberg


Trump wrote to the forefront last night when he was having the annual Christmas party at the White House. And he suggested highly that he would be announcing his run for re election in 2024 on the very day that President elect show. Biden is sworn into office on January 20th. On then the question Woz should the president meaning Donald Trump actually attend the inauguration. And I was struck by the fact that Bernard McGurk, who has been the most vitriolic against Joe Biden has many prime time supporter of Donald Trump through thick and thin. Actually said publicly that he felt that President Donald Trump outgoing President Donald Trump should sit through the inauguration should sit through the official passing of powers that it's been part Of our American tradition. And Sid Rosenberg who, if you remember originally was a Hillary Rodham Clinton supporter in the election 2016 and then converted to become a big time Trump supporter. He said that he didn't think that Donald Trump would show up that he would not attend the inauguration. So I won't open up

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