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Right everyone. welcome back. you're listening to one life. Radio this is bernadette with junior and we are live from dallas texas on iheartmedia as well as in southern california on. Abc news talk. I have a very wonderful person with us today. Her name is bonnie cook. She is a ceo and president of mental health. America of greater dallas and prior to assuming this role in april of twenty eighteen. She was the executive director of mental health. America in kentucky. Bonnie has over seventeen years experience working in the mental health field. She also serves on the board of directors of mental health america and alexandria virginia for more information on mental health. America of dallas. Visit m h. A. dallas dot org. That's moha dallas dot. Org always an honor and pleasure. Bonnie cook how are you doing today. I'm doing great. How are you doing today. i'm good. I'm really good. And i. And i think that's so important what we're talking about. I think it's always good to talk about this. Our mental health and especially how to find your joy during the holiday so you know how do the holidays affect mental health for most people It can be very stressful. Time for many people Some point in the shopping Whatever our gatherings might look like this year And family time. There's an added extra pressure to are already busy lives so for the one in five that have separate with a mental illness this year It might be a little bit worse. This year And while the holidays don't necessarily because after baiting health conditions specifically they do have the tendency to create more stress and i think the resulting stress can then trigger mental health conditions such as depression anxiety. Especially right now with everything. That's going on across our world especially here in america so many people are out of work and the pressure for you know to to to buy presence is very real for a lotta people and there's just so much more i mean it's it's just too depressing time. I know myself personally. I can't. I don't like that that song old anxiety whenever it plays either. I've always hated that song. Every time i hear it makes me wanna cry. It makes me think of people that i've lost and it and it's very real. I mean it. It hurts me deeply to think about things that i've lost you know And i think everyone's that way to some degree junior. Do you feel that way when you listen to that song song old. Yeah yes it does. Make me sad. And i play it every year because i've i've dj New year's eve night since every year for like twenty something years and yes i try to find an upbeat mix of it to play because the original one to me. Just kinda does exactly like you were saying. I just think of people that. I can't think of the bad stuff that happens here. So yeah i totally get that. Yeah i mean. I it gives me go ahead. I start should old acquaintance beef forgot. And it's like one minute no no no. I don't wanna forget. I know i don't like that song. I don't know who. I heard it the other day and i was like. Oh my god. I don't want to like you said old may old acquaintance. I don't wanna forget people that i loved. You know i don't do that. I don't think anybody does so. And so the my point is the holidays of a negative effect on someone who may not have our suffer from a mental illness like true mental illness. Right correct yes. So and especially this year Feelings of isolation and loneliness tend to be heightened during the holidays And now especially for those who've recently lost loved ones or for those who don't have a strong network of friends and family. I is going to be especially difficult And i don't think that Our our tv helps us either With all the hallmark movies and the lifetime movies and the perfect happily ever after in the money problems are all magically taken care of and the relationships all magically workout in a two hour timeframe with commercials so. I do think that even if you don't have a mental disorder that the holidays can have a negative effect on someone absolutely. And so what do you do personally or. What do you suggest what suggestions do you have for helping to deal with the stress of the holidays for all of our listeners. The first thing is To acknowledge your feelings. Okay though if someone close to you has recently died or you can't be with loved ones For whatever the reason is this holiday first thing you need to do is acknowledged those statements Second thing then Reach out if you feel lonely or isolated seek out some sort of community be it religious or otherwise or Social gatherings through And also be something that most important. I've already brought this up is to be realistic. The holidays don't have to be perfect. They never have to be perfect or they don't have to be just like last year or just like the before because folks it's not gonna be like last year. It's not going to be like the year before this. Is you know something. that's happened. Only a hundred years ago so right now. Let's get rid of that expectation that we're going to have it just like it's been That's a great deal to go ahead and you know as things changed. Try and find maybe a new tradition Try and think of a new way for you to celebrate holiday and to celebrate what is important to you And i'll also say learned to say no. Well you know yes. I do this yes i can do this. Yes because i want to make this holiday the best it can be. I am going to go a little overboard in this category I'm going to go ahead. And it may only be three of us to have dinner or for others to celebrate. But i'm going to go ahead and make the thirty pound turkey. I'm going to make all the dressing. I'm going to go ahead and do all of this. I'm going to make sure so. We're going to continue to put. We put these shelf Expectations and these should. I should do this for the holiday. I should do this. And so that stress and continually living up to the stress and trying to make it the perfect moment. The perfect week in of itself can turn around and lead to detrimental results. So you're gonna have to go with the flow this year people We're gonna have to you know do what we can so you know open. Open the turkey to start cooking the turkey and don't ask me what happened. Never happened to forward any target i've ever had. It had gone bad thanksgiving morning. So there was no turkey for the Cookhouse household on thanksgiving. It was like okay. No turkey

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