The Truth Behind Launching Companies with Vinnie Tortorich


Vinnie ceo. What's up to fire nation and sheer something interesting about yourself. That most people don't know hello fire. Nation graft to be back john. Thanks for having me on. Wow something most people don't know. Well here's a deal. I'm health and fitness expert and most people have been into ultra cycling ultra vents in holding. So oddly enough. I love to exercise and of course i eat right and take care of my health. So people would think. Oh well fitness is the most important thing to this guy and fitness may be well. It's number one bay but it may have a rival Financial health has always been as important to me. You know just watching my money watching where goes protecting it. Investing it myself not needing it in the hands of other people. So i look at at financial fitness as long as much or more than i do my own physical fitness. I love hearing that for sure. And i mean we actually had a really fun chat before i hit the record button here where both myself and vinnie fire nation. We escaped california. We're not talking about the fires we're talking about the insane taxes which by the way vinnie. I don't know if you're so tracking this but they're raising state taxes to sixteen point five percent there that's just state taxes which is absolutely mind blowing. The only problem. I have with vinny to be honest with you. Fire nation is that he stopped about twelve hundred miles to short he. He needs to get into a boat even a canoe paddle out into the atlantic. Come a little self from virginia vinnie. Angle yourself down towards the equator. Don't stop to you. Hit puerto rico and come join the world of four percent my man come on you know what we actually talk about because you know my wife is european so i could be anywhere in the world. That has a computer. If i can run a computer could be anywhere in the world and it felt so good leaving california and going to a quote unquote normal state. But we've talked about it. You know. I keep going buddy. John says that guy's killing. Okay let me just let me just say this. This is what i want to happen. I want you and your wife to come down. Visit me for a weekend. And i will blow your minds with beauty. Amazingness of the islands and by the way from saint joe from from san juan international airport. We have direct flights to germany to portugal. Talking five hours in the air. You're in europe. It's absolutely unbelievable. So that's for another time but the invitations always there have any i would love to host here love to. I wanna talk right now about you and starting companies because a lot of people a lot of people in fire nation included. They think that they need to go directly to outside investors to go to venture capital to raise all of this money before they even think about starting a company but you started a very successful. Vitamin company was zero outside investors. Talk to us about that. How did you pull that off. Yeah i think you have my partner. Andy schreiber the vitamin business on the show at some point and what had happened was the whole time. I was in california to reason i went. There was to start up businesses. And every time i had a great idea it turned out. Man made like two or three pennies on a dollar. Because when you're borrowing someone else's money are you have these investors. They're taking the big financial. Had a big chance. Even though you ll invented something they walked lion's share out it and when you go to a bank and beg a bank for money first off you have to have a like a whole business plan written out in the whole thing. And i every time i went to a bank and a wanted to start a vitamin company. There were like who are you. And why should we trust you with my with my plan in place. They were like yeah. We don't think so. And so that's how that whole thing started I got lucky that that was a lucky move in my life. I wrote book. And i it. The book is called fitness confidential. And the book a year. How they say you should dance like no one is looking yeah. I wrote a book as if no one was going to have anything and everything that i wanted to put it in a book went into that buck and it turned out that it was this weird colossal success

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