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Italy. Today's travel with rick. Steves francis maes tells us how the local piazza is an important part of adult vita and sophie. Roberts tells us about her adventure to find decent piano for musical prodigy in mongolia by searching for the last pianos of siberia will hear about that in just a bit kings and queens with real power are a relic of the past in europe. Most of them today play ceremonial figurehead roles limited by their constitutions in britain pulls tell us most people are more or less supportive of the role. The windsors play as their royal family. Their lives are a regular beat for the british press and there are many elegance stops in british tourism connected to the queen and her family. Paul guest was an electrician on her majesty's royal yacht britannia when he was in the royal navy today. He works as a tour. Guide based in belfast. He's joined by. Elizabeth boardman a tour guide from bath not far from london. They're here to help us. Americans better understand the royals. In britain by the way our interviews recorded just prior to the global pandemic shutdowns liz. Paul thanks for joining us. Thank you very much right because if it's an interesting thing for us there's still kings and queens and in belgium and the netherlands spain over scandinavia. But they really have little power. But what's the purpose. Why do you. Brits willingly tax money to have kings and queens and princes printing around your country. I know that's a question that we always get asked his guides when we're doing our tours and yet one of the questions i always ask for members is put your hands up if you came on this tour just because we have a royal family. No one ever does that. We've got so much more to offer but the royal family are a big attraction for us as well because immediately. I'm sure if we just said prince charles prince william prince harry. Everyone has a visual of who they are because of the world media but for us as british citizens. It's a lot more than that. We're very personal about them. If we were to believe the Recent opinion polls approximately eighty eight percents of the british public are in favor of royal family which is quite surprising considering everyone still coming out of a depression and financial difficulties a hard but we like having the royals whether something actually practical about it and heavy responsibility to be a royal. Because do all the ceremonial stuff. I mean it's almost a fulltime job to be cutting edge hospitals and in the united states. We don't have anybody to do the ceremonial stuff except our politicians and in britain you can kind of divide. It threw the ceremonial stuff and politicians do the legislating. Yeah it's shared out between the royals. It's judy the of a sheduled which Follow i just want to reiterate what elizabeth sand and what what i think is It's a low for the royal family. I think we actually do love having a royal family On top of the huge amount of interest abroad and and brings in tourism and an income for the country to your heritage is sort of a celebration of england. Yeah goosebumps jurist. It's it's very interesting. So they are limited by the constitution so Do they have any political power at all. If a if a royal had a strong feeling about something what would they do. The house been royals of mid their feelings known especially prince charles on certain subjects. But as far as i'm aware they are told to sort of rain in a little bit on. Keep their opinions to themselves. So let's have a quick review of the royal family these days. Of course we've got queen elizabeth. She's getting old but she seems to be Still the metal name is did you of edinburgh also known as prince philip prince philip in their children so the eldest is prince charles who will be on next monarch followed by his sister. Princess own followed by his brother prince andrew. I'm also also a further brother. Who is prince edward. So all of these people are healthy and still in public Very match very much in the next generation. There's probably a lot of nieces and nephews. There is many nieces. And as we're speaking at the moment we've got three kings and one queen in waiting to go on the throne. What does that mean well. Basically what it means the next person in line for the throne when the queen dies will be prince. Charles right that will then be followed. By prince william his eldest son then prince william's eldest son prince george. Okay then we have his prince william's daughter princess charlotte. So i said that makes sense when the eldest son know if charles had an older daughter would she be next in line or is it still the old fashioned. Still be william. But when william and kate. Kate middleton who is william's wife when they were expecting prince george the eldest son. The law was changed if owner. So they couldn't grandfathered in but yeah grandfathered in so to speak the before the child was born. They changed the law. So they how that's historic it's historic. Donner gets the same rights in the lineage jackson. As it turned out they had prince george. But if prince george's had been girl it would have been a queen. Wow this is travel. With rick steves. We're talking the royal center joined by two english citizens. Both who seem to be fans at the royals. You don't strike me. As particularly conservative people and it's eighty percent of the brits are like celebrate tavern royal. We've got liz boardman and paul guest. When we travelled to england a big part of our visit is citing. And you see the changing of the guard at buckingham palace. so liz. how do we know when there's a change guard because it's not every day it's not every day just look online we have what's called royal dot uk. And because i i remember in the old days it was like every other day as long as it's not raining or something the weather can make an kind of influence for and also if we're having any state visit. Yeah so check on that and guidebooks. We'll tell you where to stand when to beware. But it's a procession that goes several hundred yards and its military parade and it's If you wanted to see the gods themselves and as you said the normally accompanied with a band with them on horses as well. It's it's one of the typical spectacles of coming to london. You're leading for a few days. There's a very good chance in the morning you'll see the mounted parade going up to the palace the extra changing of the guard. You're going to be pushed against that iron railing and it's hard see it actually. Is the topic victoria monument. That's very good. Tiff actually just get the elevated view. But the only thing i would say i'm normally the changing of the guard is around about eleven o'clock in the morning you would need to be in place for an hour beforehand. I love stepping out of my bed and breakfast. And hailing a taxi one of those beautiful cabs in london. Those black cabs and saying buckingham palace. I'll do you realize they think you're off to a garden party within the palace or okay. So we've talked about buckingham palace Great opportunity for travelers. Just outside of london is windsor palace. Paul is it worth the trouble to go out of lending to see windsor palace. Definitely i think any of the places outside. London linked to the royals are. They're all west vein. Which are those places. Got windsor sandringham. Balmoral some retreat for royal family now winter's classic palace experience. You've got the maze. You've got the big dollhouse you've got all sorts of beautiful things to check out when you go there and a lot

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