Derm-Approved Ways to Treat Dark Circles, Undereye Bags & More with #TikTokDoc Dr. Mamina Turegano


We really want to start with some of the basics and one of the questions we had was. Can you explain what is different between the skin around. Her is verse. Says the rest of our face if anything because i think that could get a bit confusing for people so the skin around the eyes is definitely thinner and hence more delicate and so we because it's thinner we can see signs of aging faster on the skin around the eyes and also because it's thinner we can see vascular were easily so if the solar worn gorged or if you're swollen that's just very much more pronounced through the i. The eyelid skin and eyelids. There's upper eyelids. And there's lower eyelids to so any kind of small. Insult to the body can manifest more readily around the eyes. And so would you say because this is a bit of a hot debate i feel. Do you really need eye creams or misuse moisturizer. All the way up. Because i've definitely talked some germs who've said no i'm curious your take yes i can definitely see both sides of it. I think that not everyone needs an eye cream if you do not suffer from dark circles if you're just looking just to use a cream for anti aging purposes and just keeping overall skin health intact you don't have to use an ice cream. The only issue is that because the skin is more delicate i. I don't think that you should just use the same exact thing that you use on your face around your eyes. If you're gonna use any kind of actives whether it's an antioxidant or i do recommend diluting it with a moisturizer or disappointed rising serum so that the irritation risk less for sure. I definitely see more. I see more issues with irritation around the is honestly. I think the majority of our questions was about dark circle. So maybe you could tell us you know. Is it really about not getting enough sleep or is that just an urban myth like what are the main causal factors whether genetics or ethnicity. Or what the yes. There's a lot of factors that are at play when it comes to dark circles and dark circles. Are there for a couple of reasons one. There could literally just being darkening the actual skin which can be due to multiple things. It could be due to having allergies and irradiation around in rubbing your i. It could be due to having skin issues like eggs. Emma and then that could lead to post inflammatory hyper pigmentation you get darkening from any inflammation. That was there of course. Lack of sleep like asleep affects the circulation around the eyes and the circulation the vascular becomes more pronounced. And that's where you get the dark circles and also if you're if you're not sleeping while isn't adequate as well incorporated into the skin and so you could see more of a hollowing around the eyes and that shadow effect can also be too dark circles. I think that certain food sensitivities. That's a little bit harder to tease out. Because everyone reacts differently the different foods but food sensitivities can lead to lead to inflammation which can lead to kind of it can affect the blood flow around the eyes and that can lead to dark circles and then of course as genetic predisposition darker skin tone. You're just more likely to get hyper pigmentation. And then and then genetically to some people just have less volume around. There is some people will just get more of a hollow around there is and then get at were essentially to shadow effect. Now just tell you that as you're telling us like giving us this concrete information your expertise which i love hearing about. I'm like picturing you doing the running man right now from your tiktok video. Yeah i ran l. At gosh i love it. It does that mean like. Can you give us before we get into ice creams and stuff like that. Like what would be some lifestyle tips that you can do without spending a dime sleeping easier said than done but getting adequate amount of sleep and i think that's different for different people. I mean people say eight hours. I do with six hours but anyways everyone's different so so doing that. And then if you have allergies. I mean just taking. It means daily. You know over the counter over the counter antihistamines. The non-drowsy kind. And then you don't have to change up your skin care routine if you're if you're using a moisturizer in sunscreen make sure that you're using it around your eyes to getting back to life style. Hydration super important water and interestingly things like our vices alcohol caffeine. Those things can be very dehydrating so being mindful of those to pay. So we're going to talk about ice cream that can help with dark circles so often hear about vitamin c. You hear about caffeine. But i really wanna know what are the cold hard facts when it comes to those ingredients that are proven around the eye area. Because it's like you just. There's there's so many choices out there and so we just wanna give me some tools to help them shop like when they are spending and investing in these types of products. What really works around those round. The i for dark circles treating pigmentation. It's the same thing that applies to the rest of the skin. So of course oxidants whether it's vitamin c can certainly be helpful. And then you know if if you're dealing with more severe hyper pigmentation. There's lot of like anti hyper pigmentation ingredients. So i mean milder ones are like nice cinnamon which is also an antioxidant but there are things like kojic acid hydra known these things. Lighten the skin and we know that it works also a retinoid. A retinoid is helpful because well first of all it increase skill turnovers. So you're getting rid of any old skin that could be hyper pigmented. But retinoids also causes skin allow the skin to become thicker and with thicker skin. There is less visibility like there's less translucent plays a huge part in like seeing the dark circles around the eyes and then the other ingredient that can help just kind of help with skin are peptides

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