George Clooney reveals how and why he gifted 14 friends $1 million cash

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Shall we talk about george clooney. I'd love to. I mean it's great stuff. What a joy to wake up on a tuesday morning and just find a profile of george clooney and cheeky magazine. I mean i can't ask for much more in this life First of all this is the man of the year man of the year issue. An annual occurrence for gpo usually accompanied by a party or parties. there's some kind of fun. Dj set online slash than doesn't sound fun. at all. i mean george clooney is just like the de facto celebrity to me. It's just like you've for for me. Just because i love him so much more so than brad pitt. Who is you know. One of our animating figures. Of course their friends part of both their charm. George clooney has always been lovable because of playing doug on er those politics both of which are part of this piece. But i just feel like this was like best case scenario for a celebrity profile. What stood out about it to you. This is slightly awkward as we noted. Your husband wrote this but you know. Just talk about his work. Yeah let me see. I was not involved in this process and just reading it. You know differently than i feel like i know the man who wrote this you sleep. You wanna say through this these interviews were done over. Zoom as the as the peace explains for a number of reasons but for the health and safety of everyone in this time so like they were done in my house on and afterwards i was thinking about the fact that george has such a distinctive voice that i should have just stood outside the door and listened to george clooney talking like through the door. Because i don't think i think act just uses the zoom without headphones for these interviews. I don't think he wants to bring bluetooth into this experience. And screw it up even more. So i i regret not standing outside the door like a creep and listening to george. Clooney talk and i didn't do that so i really. I have no behind the scenes information. I just absolutely charming. And that's why you want from george clooney right you want him to be a like cary grant but for now and i just like a hugely charming informed person that you want to spend time with. I honestly want that more. From george clooney than i want like a movie directed by george clooney at this point or movie starring george clooney. You know there are many movies starring. George clooney that. I really enjoy but i just. I'm happy for him as like capital g capital. See george clooney. And what's nice about. The profile is that he seems to know that too and he's just like let me give you some more george clooney stuff and let me just tell you about how much i love my wife for awhile and let me just tell you how acting works. I thought that stuff was so fascinating. I love it when really talented people just like switch into their genius mode and like i'm gonna tell you this and i'm going to tell you this and he tells a story about e. r. n. Any tells another story and he's just like annotating the scene and it's like talking to someone who knows a ton of stuff. I thought that was fascinating. He shares an anecdote from steven spielberg students. Billboard tells them to stop moving his head so much. And i loved that because doug ross did move his head a lot especially when talking to carol. You assert like trying to like burrow into the moment. And it's like dude. You don't need to your doug fucking rossier water. Attrition your renegade pediatrician. He also so happy that zach got him to talk about the time he gave his fourteen friends. Each one million dollars in cash on honestly the details are so much better than you ever could have hoped for. This story came out. I think like almost two years ago. We talked about it at the time. I think randy gerber shared the information. Right yes and then. I think we talked about it on jam session and zack knew about it. And then zach wanted to ask you about it. So i'm gonna credit usually with that particular. Thank you thank you so much. Thank you so much zach. So george clooney like basically impersonated danny ocean one day. Although i think the other takeaways like owed any ocean it's probably a lot like george clooney and he got a florist ban that he rented for the day and drove to an unnamed location. Downtown los angeles richardson. huge vaults. Like just stacks of cash literally. It's kind of like the way they portrayed the vault in die hard three. you know. there's like all that cash. What i guess the vault i was imagining i skipped ahead. Because there's an ocean's eleven here too but keep telling this story you're doing great. I won't interrupt. He goes down like multiple levels below ground and just gets tons of cash and then puts a a million dollars in two fourteen different to me. Suitcases he says that it's much lighter than you would think. And then he loads it into the van and he drives away then. He gives his friends the money. And yeah the reference. The correlation to ocean eleven is shocking. It's stunning right right. There is like i can see the duffle bags of money notions eleven being carried out of the blasio and it is absolutely that and they also commandeered a swat car that like it's very similarly ban also underground the whole thing is like it's hard to believe it's real george clooney. Actually i made that up. It's not how i did it. And he just was like. This is the antidote. I'm gonna tell. I also surprised because it's like so close to the movie.

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