Obama says social media companies 'are making editorial choices, whether they've buried them in algorithms or not'

MSNBC Morning Joe


Truth decay. I see that happening on a number of levels right now if you turn on different news organizations. They're not delivering news. They're delivering disinformation. Depending on who you're watching and that's really growing spreading and then i just land flatly on facebook where i feel a growing number of americans get their information there and that's truth and it seems to me to be very dangerous. It is very dangerous and you know he has President obama has very specific words for social media companies. He says they're not to blame entirely for this truth. Decay as he calls it. They're not to blame for every ailment in our political system but he says that the time has passed do for them to start acknowledging that they're not as they often argue. They're not just the phone company right That they're not just carrying messages back and forth between people that that embedded in their algorithms story choices. That's the way he put it to me. I thought it was a very good way to put it That that that the that facebook and other companies are sorting information and pushing certain kinds of information and repressing other kinds of information. And so you think that they play a civic role that they're not playing now and but but that's an accelerate as he says are something that exacerbates A deeper problem. Which is cultural norms. Right and in his book. I mean one of the interesting things. His book is that he traces his gradual awakening that something different is occurring in this country and he puts the You know he says. Sarah palin is the first indicator of this in two thousand eight hanes Crowd size not not to harp on crowd size. Which is an issue. We always talk about these days. He he saw mccain's crowd size. Saw palance crowd size saw that. She was appealing to a different kind of emotional impulse. native is Resume and said something is going on here and only later did we all realize that left unchecked An accelerated by social media and by another media ecosystem. You know this. This needs to This leads to some serious problems.

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