At least 20 arrested as pro- and anti-Trump protesters clash in Washington, DC

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After a day of tense but mostly peaceful demonstrations in washington dc yesterday supporters president trump and counter demonstrators clashed last night. Npr's hannah alum reports crowds of trump's supporters. Rallied under one slogan. Stop the steel. It's the baseless claim that the president's lost joe biden was the result of fraud. The event racially diverse conservatives. Along with french factions. Like cunanan conspiracy theorists white nationalist in the proud boys. The city had prepared for unrest. But the day was mostly peaceful. There were some minor skirmishes as police tried to keep the pro-trump marchers encounter protesters separated after the rally. Anti-fascist activists gathered around downtown hotels where the trump supporters were staying shouting matches turned into sporadic fights in one dc authorities say a young man was seriously injured in a stabbing and al-am npr news.

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