Trivia With Rickey Thompson And Denzel Dion

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Ricky thompson denzil dion. Her best friends and they're known for their videos on tiktok youtube and instagram. And not your average. Just kinda throwaway videos. These are high production lip sync videos with costumes and choreographed dance moves. I mean they're incredible and they also host a new spotify podcast. We said what we said. Ricky thompson and denzil dion. Hello welcome you. I've been enjoying so much of all the stuff that you guys do that. Visual and video. And you know you're so successful at a visual format why go to just audio. I'm i think that we just really wanted to switch it up like everything video for like all of our career so like lists are with video. There's nothing's going on. A lot of people really talks. Oh here the message Obviously with videos which teams do are youtube at ten minutes is just like you know people just get so caught up with audio judges here and you're listening so i feel like we really wanted to show another side of us for audio bitten. Just because he talked ally right. You can just get to converse like you are hanging out you know and you were saying you know th the videos are sort of demand a different kind of attention and i just have to save. I am so dazzled by the production value that you bring to those with the costuming ming unreal. I mean how how much time goes into everyone on every time we do like thirty minutes before we do it solo which he gets my place. I'm getting the things today place and then we studied the choreography minutes. And keep doing it and doing that until the video is so. It's not prying not at all works. It works okay. Well let's let's get to some games. You wanna play some games some games. How do you feel about competition tablets. Perfect so this. This is the deal with this game taking a cue from movies like battleship clue. We have imagined what it would sound like if other table. Top games were adapted to be movies. Okay so jonathan will perform a scene and your job is just to tell us what game is based on okay. Ricky this one is for you. Here's your first one. This wooden windowless tower needs to be taller. But sir we're running out of material. Just take what you need from the middle and put it on the top. My hand is shaking. The whole thing is gonna fall. Who okay. I did it. Oh i know this game. Gosh oh i'm going blank right now on. My value does does bill. Which i thought he was talking to you because he knows it but he doesn't. Can you describe you described the game. Yes it's the game you know you build up the little blocks and if somebody pulls out in the middle oh yes yes yes all right denzel. Here's one for you. My queen the white riders approach. Their horses are moving in some sort of l. shape. I've never seen before. What news of the bishops. They've been captured your majesty so it's up to me you know. I was upon once. But now i can travel in any direction. Any distance. there. Weakling of a king is really for a reality. Check mate this is this is yes yes yes you know. In the film version of that timmel tate shell may would be up for rook. I being talks. I don't know that he'd be all right. And this one is and this one is ricky another hot night alone in the big city nights like these. You wonder if you're the only one in this crazy house of cards called life. Who's working with a full deck just in the numbers are lining up getting close to the big man at the top. That's when this dame shows up real card queen a diamond in the rough some nights. You wonder if you're the only one playing by the rules some nights you wonder if you're the only one playing at all. Oh my goodness. I'm so bad okay. A target muscle. Can i say solitaire.

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