Police arrest dozens over the weekend in Washington DC after Million MAGA March


Violence erupted last night after the million Maga March in Washington, D C. The march brought thousands of Trump supporters to the nation's capital calling for four more years and the march brought out counter protesters and exchanges got heated and turned violent. One man is suffering from multiple stab wounds, and police in D. C. Say at least 21 people are facing criminal charges. More from correspondent Martha Raddatz deep divisions in this country. You can see it every where you go, and the divisions, of course, include mask wearing When I walk up to some of those voters and I have a mask on they immediately think I'm on the other side. So it is everywhere you go, and Joe Biden is gonna have a very tough time. Although many do say the language he has used is healing. And they hope for a better future attention from Saturday night spilled into today when, according to multiple reports, agitated Trump supporters toward down black lives matter, signs and posters with more outbursts and violence in the downtown area that resulted in about 20 more

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