87. The Vitosha Bear Museum Lives in a Tiny Mountain Hut

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Welcome to museum archipelago. I'm ian elsner. Museum archipelago guides you through the rocky landscape of museums. Each episode is never longer than fifteen minutes. So let's get started. Towering over the bulgarian capital of sufia is visha mountain connected to the city by several public buses residents like me love hiking the numerous mountain trails to get away from the hustle and bustle and it was on one of these solitary hikes for they. I came across the visha bear museum at first. I didn't quite know what i was looking at. A cute little hut halfway up the mountain with a locked door and boarded up windows but the sign said bear museum in bulgarian and also that the museum was closed because it was hibernating for the winter. So i sent some emails. And that's how a few days later. I met dr nikola daikin at the museum. Dr daikin is a fauna expert at the visha nature park directorate the organization that runs the museum and he also the key to the museum door which he wasn't sure would work because it had been a month since he last used it thin. Is you see museum. Museum is a very simple. The museum is a small on the inside as it looks on the outside. There's new electric connection at the museum. The led lights illuminate. The gallery are powered by a car battery. That waken switched on when we entered. The rustic appearance is a carryover from the buildings. I purpose a mountain shelter for vidisha mountain rangers. The they are staying during the night after that abounded totally end one guy the idea to make these Place where we can show the bears and where they can live in the whole idea of the various you know in the forest. The abandoned shelter was turned into the vida bear. Museum in two zero two for dorgan. This is the perfect setting for the museum. Because what's outside is just as important as what's inside easy for us. This is kind of museum was city. But we could the line if you're in the city but not in the fourth because after that we can go out in the forest in show something to children in most we have a little bit of a different education with the uterus that we start from kiro the three goal out in the field and they can't few everything to especially children the new generation to put them in a rio Feelings to smell the forest to fuel the wind the whole idea of the equivocation forestry e education to take out the children from the cd's show them. We own nature day can walk around the headphone in the not only in the cities the forests and mountains of replacement part of the national ethos and so do the brown bears that live there as the number of bears in the country declined so too has the cultural pervasiveness of bears. Fearsome carnivorous predators. Today there's an increased focus on conservation and even the sense of pride about bulgaria is remaining bears weekend. Say something about ten to fifteen birthday. Dr left in chamartin but mostly on the south part of the of the mountain. According to deacon dna testing has indicated that there's enough genetic diversity in this population of bears to reproduce an ensure their continued survival on vidisha mountain. That is if humans stay away and protect their habitat to win and his team. Teaching children about the bears is the best way forward as a local news. Article about the museum. Put it quote useful tips on how to meet a bear are given at the vidisha bear museum and to do not to meet the for her. And if we make it finance called what to do in the corner of. The room is a tree taken from the forest which has markings from a bear due to monday territory. Be different to arche and also wants to be remarked From here with the deep and with gloss while we can shelter the jewish people due to the tree in the sparse. Interior makes it easy to connect visitors to what's going on outside the four walls of the we show them all the best marketer territory. Look around to see some of the three months and we. We presented that same information can liquidate gave fight it to take care of most not to kill them. We make some programs in. Speak to tune on interpretive panels. Visitors will also find information about the evolution and geographic distribution of different types of bears. These covering not just the brown bear the only type of europe in bulgaria but also black bears in the americas and asia and polar bears a glass case displays skulls from all of these bears. There's even a bit of in the basement where visitors can go inside a fake bear cave

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