Apple’s first Arm-based 13-inch MacBook Pro is here with an M1 chip


Apple's one more thing it was kind of hinted to me. I think i got an email from one of you or someone said something in Facebook or something and so new bat books with apple silicon so intel. I remember very very explicitly. Or very vividly. Guess maybe that's the better word. When apple announced intel in their macbooks correct i got the very first macbook pro first macbook. Eoghan had an intel chip in it and pretty special. So if this is what they're projecting this'll be the company's biggest product shakeup that we've known it's coming out of for many many years and this year's and again will not be like the usual fall refresh or even like october two thousand eighteen event. That brought the redesign macbook. Erin souped up. Mac mini this time. Apple is transitioning to a new mac processor moving away from intel to homegrown apple silicon and I don't think if we look to the future. It's been a long time since apple made the switch to intel. And i think they've had a good run. And this is actually bad news for intel. But this is the start of a monumental product line transition for apple and really for the first time apple be controlling the brains of its magnetic. Think about that and won't need to rely on another company deliver the speed efficiency innovation it craves and or features so nuts bolts apple. Silicon's pretty well especially you know with a silicon processor. That's that's a big big big big deal here

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