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Mac power users episode five hundred sixty two the first apple silicon macs low. Welcome back to mac power users. My name is stephen hackett. I'm joined his always but my friend in yours. Mr david sparks. Hey steven are you excited about these new apple silicon macs. I am so jacked up about this. I know we've been talking about this for a really long time and it's here so we're going to get into these this new system and everything apple is doing But we want to open the show with something really special. We've been able to sit down and interview kurt. Night is senior director platform product marketing and apple. We gotta spend about half an hour with kurt talking about the m one and big sur. What it all means At this point to say that we're talking about apple silicon macs today in the next week on episode five sixty three will be talking all about macos big sur. It's out now. Our advice always is to maybe give new. Os as a little bit of time before you move to them especially in a production environment. But we're really get into that next week. Some excited about this interview with kerr. The kind of bridges. Both of those things that i think about kurt is. He's been using apple silicon macs for some time. So not only. Can you kinda give us apples end of what they did and why but he also talk to us about using it. Which i don't think many people have done yet. Yeah so We will let you enjoy this interview and we'll be back in just a minute to gang. We are really excited. Today we are joined by kurt. Night is a senior director platform product. Marketing and apple. Kurt thank you for joining us today. Oh thank you. I'm excited to be here. A. says exciting week for us. Yeah yeah so. Let's let's jump right into that. We've got apple. Silicon macs with the m one and of course mac os eleven. Big sur is here as well. I thought maybe we could start with big sur. I think what most people will notice right off the bat. Is this beautiful new design. It's a big departure. You know aqua has evolved over the years and big serves a big leap forward. What led to this happening now. Why is now moment of for this change. Your i mean as you say this is a big year. Not only because of that big design. You mentioned a big year for the update with what we're doing with apps like sfar messages. Obviously we're supporting the move to apple silicon with 'em one with mark that with you know i think a pretty big momentous name big sur as well as that shift to version eleven and i think that's something for me that's in a pretty special started apple. When mac os ten was in beta and so moving diversion eleven right so it's a real milestone and i think that milestone really deserved a step back and to serve reconsider you know operating system and it wasn't a change for change's sake. I think what we did was really to carefully consider you know how everything should be To make sure replying that craft at the design team has And they have consistency right both consistency. Within mac os right there's little things like every griffin symbol in tool bars and sidebars controls have all been redrawn so that they're in completely consistent across the system and it's the type of thing that i think actually sort of the hallmark of great design in terms of its instantly familiar. It's not jarring at all when you jump in it kind of feels in its proper place. I notice it the most when i go back to a system. That's not on big sur. And that's that's what i noticed like. Wow how i feel like the new designs to so the fresh in occur. It's interesting because when you made the switch to intel. The whole narrative was look. Nothing's changed sheer mac. Looks exactly the same and with this change. This really feels like apple is just turning the page and saying the mac is entering a new era the the underlying chip processors different and superior and the operating system itself has taken on a new look. And that's a very different approach. And again i don't think it's changed for change is sake you know this really. Is that honoring the mac right. And that's the things like bringing back the boot chime. Just bring back the boot chime like we remastered everything everything's higher quality than it was before We kept that sort of attention to detail right so there's also consistency across platforms because you know vast majority of mac users also have an iphone and ipad and so having consistency of things like app icons is super valuable so when he moved from one device to the next. There's no sort of mental overhead. It's really natural but we still wanted to do then way that was special to the mac. Quitting look at the icons are still lose. You know details and hidden surprises when he looked the mail icon you. You see the fine detail of apple park california and the zip code. You know etched on the flap in the you know. The hammer next coat has the inscribed in the tip of its handle So there's still all those details it's that's really honoring everything that we love about the mac and what are the points you make. There is that you know the consistency with the other platforms. But now we are getting the other platform apps on the mac which is kind of awesome. You know So we got iowa's and ipad apps coming to the mac. What do you see or some of the benefits for users and developers with this change. Well for consumers day one they're going to have hundreds of thousands of new apps they can use right. That's new games more content. They can watch more apps for just

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