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You asked me Thursday night. This'll is the Seahawks are going to be more desperate than they ever been in a regular season game if they lose to the Cardinals of Seahawks full of lost four of their last five, when has that ever happened since Pete Carroll took over? It's crazy. What's happening the Seahawks right now and where did it start? It started in Glendale when the Cardinals were able to knock of offense, So I think the Cardinals are a legitimate playoff contender. But I just want to use the phrase contender because between the faint Buccaneers, Cardinals, Rams and Seahawks, somebody in that five is not making the playoffs and it's almost impossible at this point to figure out which one of those teams are. Making the playoffs and you can't say you're a good team. If you don't make the playoffs. That's absolutely to Doug Franz joins us. He is Arizona sports from the Duggan Wolf Show and our brother Station right down the hall when you look at that playoff picture You know, the Buccaneers are not exactly doing what we thought they were going to do. And from a Cardinals fan point of view, this team is so much fun to watch. It's hard to imagine there this electric and they don't make the playoffs. I don't want to jinx it. But they're much better than I thought they were gonna be. That's totally true. And yet, what's really weird? I'm not surprised. They're six and three. I'm surprised the teams. They lost two in the teams they beat. The 40 Niners were healthy and weak one. The bills are an outstanding team and the Seahawks were still on fire. I thought they would be six and three because they would have beaten Miami, Detroit and Carolina and lost a San Francisco lost a Buffalo and lost in Seattle. Since those Three wins are against that high caliber of team. It's very fair to think, just stay focused. Seems you're supposed to. They have gains against the Patriots and Giants on the road to at below average, and maybe terrible teeth, even of the Giants will be facing a chance for first place, So I look at those games and say, If you do what you're supposed to against those games, you're already guaranteed. Eight. Nate and any other win basically puts you in the playoffs, so yes, I think there are playoff When you look at what's happened in college football two weeks now issues games have been canceled The covert 19 going into cold and flu season. The concern in the NFL is his greatest. The NFL season has been They're concerned about playoffs being postponed. How concerned do you think they are? They are and how should they be?

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