The Yosemite Sightseer Murders


In the nineteen ninety s the say to lodge. No portal was owned and operated by a man named gerald fisher like hey did on highway one forty. The lodge was a popular rest for visitors to yosemite national park. It's grand stretched across twenty seven eight at the base of a tree covid hill hillside. With the miss said a river flowing nearby hole up there were two hundred and eleven ruins in the hotel which were divided between several buildings. The lodge had all the amenities one would expect including a restaurant and a swimming pool in the summer of nineteen ninety seven and gerald hired a young man to carry out general maintenance. Judy's and upkeep at the state lodge like other employees then you come live don side in a studio apartment above the restaurant friendly dependable and seemingly normal. He established a good rapport with his boss and co workers. He was an unremarkable average. Joe top of god who nicely kept to himself yet. He did have one noteworthy feature he surname in february nineteen ninety nine. Carole sund her teenage daughter. Julie and sylvain apollo an exchange student. Staying with the pat were murdered in proximity of yosemite. The trio had been visiting the region for a brief holiday that disappeared from the say to lodge. After two nights daiei. The hotel's employees were questioned and although several raised suspicions. The facilities maintenance man did not want his reputation as an unassuming boy next door coupled with an unblemished police record kept him off. Investigators raid is hey remained calm and collected when answering questions and was ruled out off the providing alibi. Carol lend sylvania's buddies were discovered in the charred remains of their rental car. Hours drive north west. The kill then taunted police by sending them a map. That led to julie son's buddy thirty miles from where her mother was found. The triple massad came to be known as the yosemite sought say muddies. Investigators returned the saito lodge on the lookout for the source of doc. Pink fathers found on julie's body the hotels maintenance man or detectives across the grounds using he said of mazda case to let them into way to room he happily chatted about his life and family specifically his younger brother stephen. It was a peculiar and intriguing topic. But the interaction didn't raise any red flags demands. Willingness to hope was appreciated and the detectives left the sun peluso case inevitably hit a roadblock. The trio's kill remained a mystery though. Investigators were certain that a group of local men all of whom had a history of violence were responsible but the tawny di was spot lauded as suspects. The men were in police custody for a litany of reasons. None of which related to carol julie or so vinas murdered his five months later. Joey armstrong was killed in fereshta. The crime scene was about a thirty minute. Drive from the cedar lodge along route. That branched off to wet carol julie and silvana with downed. The fbi were quick to establish there was no connection between the crimes they told the public. There was no reason to believe there was a continuing threat in the area or that a killer or killers planned to wacked again. The evening before. Joey armstrong's remains were found in the forest behind her son. A us park service. Firefighter was visiting the area. As hey dr along forest road. He noticed familiar car parked on the edge of the woods.

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