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From the Atlanta Hawks, G League affiliate team Cheney. It was a player for IU in the early nineties, where he was a three time all American traffic on the fives. Met Bear procession for following firefighter Mr Bennett here is going to be going south bound on well. Should be going south bound on Vin furred faltering somewhere around 9 A.m. from Community North Hospital. That's one of the possible routes. Matthew Better was the firefighter who died and that could be going somewhere on bin for Boulevard and going to Crown Hill Cemetery That's supposed to leave a few minutes ago. So watch out for delays on the Northeast side, especially here this morning as they make their way through town traffic sponsored by 12 Hour music mix music. Next present trusted allies of doctors throughout history, doctors of used tools they Trust to help them treat your illness is But what do they trust when they have a conference? Call that music X The number one brand doctors trust. I've met there with traffic on the fives following introducing touch free payments from PayPal a safe way if your customers to pay Whether you're a market seller, poodle, pamper piano tuner or

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