Ryan Cabrera and WWE Star Alexa Bliss Are Engaged

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I think that social media is a reality in this world In the world that we live in in the world of sports entertainment. And i think that we have to learn how to live with it and i think we can actually use it as a tool for example recording this on sunday and today yesterday at the time this podcast comes out. It was everywhere. Alexa bliss announces that she's engaged A lot of alexa bliss fans are so happy for her lot of alexa. Bliss fans are very sad. Because i guess they thought that alexa bliss was going to marry them until she got engaged. It was so you're saying there's a chance. I saw on the not sam wrestling discord room. Where all are not. Sam shells that are signed up to patriot. Dot com slash. Sam wrestling. That we all get to chat There were a couple of them. That were upset. That alexa was engaged because they thought that that was going to be them. Unfortunately it's not but don't worry you still got the patriot community. You still got us. Not sam shells that are there for you. it's not. it's not all bad news but it was everywhere. She posted this video of of ryan. Cabrera popstar cabrera who she's been very publicly dating Proposing tour beautiful thing. You love is a wonderful thing and seeing join in holy matrimony and become even happier is wonderful. It's one of the happiest things if you are with the right person. The day the night the evening the afternoon that you get engaged one of the happiest times ever just such an expression of joy. It's beautiful. I love it but everybody's talking about it. I mean alexa. Bliss is a huge star. You know you've got. Wwe tweeting about it. And i probably should be. It's it's a little bit absurd to ignore it. You know not only is one of the biggest stars really realistically alexa. Bliss is one of the biggest stars in. wwe male or female. She's one of the most famous people in. Wwe so you know. And this is big. Wwe is big time. Now you got sasha banks over here on the mandalorian which you see. Sasha banks one of the big another one of the biggest stars in wwe and probably the biggest tv show. that's on the air right now. You see that happening which weird. The wwe isn't making a bigger deal out of that. Like if i were. Www shouting it from the rooftops. But you've got that going on at the same time you got to cherry public engagement. You know i mean. I feel like we should let's angle for a reality show. Let's get on the phone. I was watching total balas over the weekend. And i was like you know what i miss. When they would go to wrestlemainia. I was just sitting there waiting for them to go to wrestling. Like oh wait. There is no more wrestling. And that's when. I realized that i was watching total bells for the wrestling parts. They still got daniel bryan on the show. Obviously no more john cena. They're not going to wrestling shows anymore. So it's like oh. I like the balanced. But i'm still you know living in brima to seven but they're not gonna wrestling shows anymore so yes so let's get alexa. Bliss rang cabrera. Let's get blissfully something or other. You know you got bliss already in there you you got it. But here's what. I think needs to happen now that we've acknowledged. Wwe is acknowledged it's all over wwe social media platforms. I think that you gotta lean into it. And i think that you should use it. I think that this can be a lot of fun. Especially because ryan cabrera is also a public person. Here's the way. I think this needs to go. You had this segment on raw last week. Where nikki cross is talking to alexa. And there's this acknowledgement that they used to be friends. Which i think is great. We're not pretending that the election nikki partnership never happened is a big part of. Wwe at the time you know. We're still acknowledging it and alexis doing that. Weird phony friendly like almost like i'm in a trance. Peewee herman thing and nikki cross tells her alexa you gotta pick mere the fiend and alexa. As if it doesn't bother it all goes. Oh okay. I pick him. And walks away and nikki crosses befuddled by the whole thing befuddled. I love this. I think we need to keep this going. You know i look. This is the type of stuff. I want for alexa bliss and the this is why i say. Keep the fiend away from the universal championship. Keep the fiend away from the wwe championship because these are the types of stories. You can tell you know. I think that we should go back and look at who are friends. Were in annex t the start telling those stories and have somebody come out. Go like lexi. What are you doing things. You're you're not the same person what what's happening. I pick him and you know over. The course of a couple of weeks have her abandoning oliver. All friends and then finally ryan cabrera comes out on raw and it's like real life now it's like is this alexa. Bliss is this. What's her name lexi kaufman in real life. I don't know. I only know people by their wrestling names. But is this the real alexa. Bliss from real life. is the character alexa bliss now. We're mixing everything up. Which is what we should all be doing. That's the way wrestling is at. Its best mix everything up. And you've ryan cabrera out on raw and he's like alexa. I love you and she's like i love you. Do you know like yeah. Of course it you love me. I love you. We're we're doing great and he's like well. You're not the same person i thought. When we got engaged it would shake you out of this transfer inches. I'm not in a trance. I'm just seeing things for what they are for. The first time ryan cabrera goes lexi. I need you need you to pick you. Pick me or the fiend. She's kind of taken aback. She's like i didn't realize he felt that way. Ryan that's how i feel and she's like well net case i pick him. He's like what and then you hear bumble bumble bumble and the lights go out. Eat whatever those sounds are and tom phillips going. Oh no not here that's alexa. Bliss fiance pop sensation ryan cabrera and the red lights come on and the fiend is behind ryan cabrera and ryan cabrera's looking around and he's looking at alexa bliss. I what are you doing here. Like this is our real life and then he realized he gets his goosebumps. You realize the fiend is right behind him so he turns around and the phoenix cox's head and sticks his tongue out of his mask grabs ryan cabrera vice skull dips him over gives him a kiss on the forehead and he sister abigail ryan cabrera. Alexa bliss is real life. Fiance get sister abigail an alexa bliss just standing over him smiling. I love it man. I mean i i think that why not why not. I feel like it would be good for everybody involved. Like let's let's blur the lines here guys. Let's not pretend there's two separate entities as it's happening eventually we can tell the story of how like. Oh this is so wild in my personal and blah blah blah but while it's happening muster blending these lines with blurred altogether be like. That's a real fiancee right. Yup like the best is when you're trying to explain to a non wrestling fan. What storyline and what's not storyline. And they get confused because you're a little bit confused because you're not one hundred percent sure where the lines are and who's getting worked by what maybe. wwe tweeting about this was part of the storyline. All along are they even really engaged. I don't even know anymore. I don't know anything anymore. I guess i'm just going to sit here and watch monday night. Ron finds out. Find out what happens next. Because that's the way we should be watching anyway. Just let it play out and see what happens. I would love that if that happened. I would love it if that happened. Socket in our discord room. Says i love that. Sam has cabrera taking bumps like the fiend doesn't use the middle claw. He hit the mandible claw. After maybe alexa bliss puts the mandible claw him or something like that but is taking sister abigail. I mean we are laying out ryan cabrera. 'cause i want e. news. I want entertainment tonight. I want whatever extra whatever. Entertainment shows are left on television. I want people magazine. People dot com. I want everybody posting videos of being like popstar ryan cabrera. Remember him. Well i remember. I remember will now. He's getting laid out by the fiend on monday night raw. Because here's what happens. If you have a pop star that you grew up idolizing and he's getting laid out. Here's the way that works. You get the people who don't watch wrestling to not only get a glimpse of monday night raw but they get a glimpse of the theme. The is one the most unique properties the wwe has. The fiend is the type of visual. That went a non wrestling fan watches. They go what the hell is that. I'm going to have to tune in and see what that's all about. That's one of the strengths of the fiend. And if you got footage of ryan cabrera eating a sister. Abigail and his real life fiance alexa. Bliss is looking on happily in that weird fien state. You got money bro. you got money. I hope they're already thinking in that direction. If not. i'm in text. Bruce richard because somebody has to tell them get ryan cabrera on that show and lay that out. I think it'd be great. I think it'd be great. Congratulations to the two of them. But i have to believe that ryan cabrera. Whatever time of his life. I know i would if my fiance was a wrestler and she was like hey would you mind coming to raw and having the fiend. Give you sister abigail. I'd be like number one. That's awesome number two. After the show me. I get a picture of him in full gimmick. I really wish i could do that. I really wish i mean. I wish. I wish that. I could have one of the shows that i was at the fiend was at too. I wish i could just go like hey bro. Can we take a picture with you. Still in your gimmick and not. Be a weirdo. That doesn't deserve to be backstage. Because man do. I want that picture a really really. Do

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