Healthy Eating vs. Pseudo Healthy Eating with Shawndi Borup

Break The Rules


Well, I'm hello and welcome to another edition of the brake cables are cast going to plug wiring noise and the outfit and Fitness World and today off and super honor and have Sean D Bora in the house of show me all the living. So if you can't guess what she's all about it is all about healthy living and Tony is a healthy living wage. It's certified fermentationist a woman after my own heart there and a real food chef who is all about just being living proof that implementing a simple healthy. Lifestyle and healthy habits really promotes Optimal Health and well-being and just really making that easy and accessible to many folks who make to even just overwhelmed about getting back to the kitchen. And so don't you think so much for coming onto the show today? If you could give us a little bit of background about who you are and what sort you into doing the work they're doing in the world thinks long and it's a pleasure to be here such an honor to be part of your podcast and I I love you know, what you do what what this podcast is all about about breaking the rules and we'll get in touch with that and and how that applies to what what I can help your audience to really Implement especially in this time, but my back story, you know, it starts about three decades ago, and it was in the I was I had three young children and they all had their own little chronic issues, but my oldest daughter was she was the most ill with severe asthma and and so I thought Sitting in the rocking chair giving her another breathing treatment in the middle of the night and it just the thought came to me. There has to be a better way and thought just kept cycling through my mind, even though I was doing everything that I possibly knew how to do what to do. And so I was determined that night to find a better way. And so I ended up going to Rome a holistic practitioner and he gave me one sheet of paper and on that one sheet of paper was a list of you know, a list of foods that really nourish and feed the body and I I took that home and I you know, I'm a really competitive person and I decided okay, I'm going to I'm going to do this for one year and I'm going to prove that that food couldn't possibly make that much of a difference in the life in the health of my family and not as dealing with my own chronic issues at the time. I had chronic tendonitis and it was really hard to put shoes and socks on my children and I couldn't go bowling birth. You know do cartwheels in the yard with them or anything either because I was in so much pain and I kind of ignored it. You know, I was just in my late twenties at the time and I thought oh this just you know was is not really happening and I remember going to the doctor for my wrists and he handed me a prescription and he said, oh, he said you just got tendonitis and I said great. How long do I have to take this, you know as an anti-inflammatory em said for the rest of your life and that of course didn't sit well with me and I just had a I had a couple of those experiences my daughter would seem to get worse with her asthma and allergies when I gave her cow's milk. And so I asked the pediatrician do you think it would help if I took her off of this and she said it won't make any difference at all. And you know, that's again one of my mother raised tuition that gut feeling said into me like, okay, you need to try this anyways, and so that's what I did is I just started, you know, I took the information from this holistic practitioner that really phone On the whole body and under you know, not just symptoms but really building building a strong immune system really was all what this was all about. And I remember sitting on my couch dog doing my weekly menu. I had my dry erase board on my lap and I looked at the one sheet of paper and everything that he suggested eating and then on the other side of the couch. I had all my recipes the things that I knew how to do home and nothing match up and I and he was a proponent of eating a lot of raw food at least half of your plate because it's the enzymes in raw food that help digest your food and you know Concepts that we're totally foreign to me a hundred and eighty degrees away from the standard American diet, which I had grown up on and and new and so I just started getting back in the office and that's where I started and I started, you know, eliminating refined sugar refined flour, which of course as we you know, it's more talked about today drives blood sugar in the body. Which dog Ives Cravings which drives inflammation which drives chronic illness and so I just started, you know doing one thing at a time and one thing I learned about helping people get back in the kitchen is that if you try to do everything at once you're just going to get overwhelmed and that's when we feel stuck and we stop and so I really emphasize with people that you know, we know that we should be eating, you know, more vegetables. We know that we should be eating less sugar. But how do we make that happen? You know, how do we apply that in in our eating today? So that's where I show me healthy living came about because I wanted to help people to really practice how to feel their best. So that's amazing. I think experience is always off teacher and the mother of all Innovation. And so how long have you been at this and how long did it even take you to kind of get into that seat of showing people healthy eating from like learning wage? Healthy eating right? So I've been teaching people for gosh. I would say fifteen years now probably half of long, you know half of the amount of time that I've been doing it, but you know, I I started this journey, like I said about three decades ago and you know, I I told you that I was going to do that experiment for one year and proved it wrong that food couldn't make sure we make that difference but actually after a year my children's, you know, chronic health issues had completely gone away and there it was so amazing to watch

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