'Encyclopedia of New York' covers the history and legacy of the gay community


Well, I just wanted to mention you know, we speak of different groups like artists and, uh, the German population. Italian population influence, but I want to emphasize That the gay population in New York, which has been here forever has made a huge influence on culture, even politics. You know, with stone wall, we started a thing that spread around the world. And you know, it's just there've been involved in every aspect of the creative aspects of New York, so I just wanted to see if that was at all included. I'm very pleased to say that there's a long and detailed entry about the gay rights movement, Most definitely claiming that it really got on seat in New York City. It's by a wonderful Woman that teaches the new school and Claire Potter on gets really richly written, and what I like most about it is that it focuses on the roots of the gay rights movement proceeding, Stonewall. You know, there's a sort of familiar history that it all started in 1969. And then you know progress to through what came after that, And that's that's all good to tell and certain, including here, but there were groups going back. 100. Years before that, the magazine society and the Daughters of the lightest and you know, there were there were sort of gay friendly parties in the Harlem Renaissance. It doesn't all begin with the sort of familiar history and I'm very pleased to say that we Lay that out in this book, I think in a lot of good detail. Yeah, there's about for 3.5 pages worth so, Adrian. Thank you for bringing

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