S2 E04: Beyond innovation

State of Mind


Here's your again. i. I met rich in the mid. Nineteen nineties probably around ninety five ninety six and he already had a reputation within detroit. That's kind of being one of the top deejays from the very beginning. Richie was finding new ways of play music life. He didn't want to be just a human jukebox. He wants to express himself creatively in front of the crowd. So he's very quickly discarded a dj most iconic tool the turntables. So that's why. I actually decided to jump from turntables straight over that and go completely digital because it was completely new way of playing which for me unlocked offered a whole bunch of new possibilities and feltz exciting and innovative and was a new form of performance. Richie started to digitize all of his records and was able to blend music in a completely new way. In real time he was really dissecting the record and taking bits and pieces rather than just plain one record that another record there another record which is the traditional tj model. He was literally taking the you know destroying loop and this baseline and this little melody and your various snippet and putting them together before the consumer technology became readily available. Richie didn't stop there for him. Last foam was not just about the music. We hosted riches malania party in on new year's eve. Two thousand at club. I was working at in detroit called motor and it was very important for rich doing a party in detroit on this special occasion to do not have the typical club that people were used to coming to the result. He only he agreed to do. Our big Millennium party but only if we completely remodeled the club and we literally spent three days decorating the club from from the ceiling to the floor inside outside completely redoing the entire venue part of that was building a special deejay booth that was going to those specially constructed so that rich could bring a lot of extra equipment. A lot of extra gear. He was known for having three turntables nine drum machine and then it affects unit. But he wanted to go even further but the to do all in service of not just big you know not just experimentation but in service of creating. This is truly memorable event and memorable party.

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