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And here. They are returning champions. Amber ruffin and jedi hegel hello. Hey happy to have you join us. Amber you and jimmy. Both for late night with seth meyers amber at the beginning of june when the black lives matter protests hitting the streets. You actually started each show. You did a series of videos about your experiences being mistreated by the police. And i think it was about the fourth one that you started by saying okay. You know what. I'm actually out of stories and then you're like just kidding. I could keep doing this so anymore. So many more yeah. What kind of response did you get. A lot of people were like. Oh my god we had no idea it was like that and now we're looking at things in a different way. You know because. I do feel like until these protests. I think people thought that the cops were always right you know. I think it was a lot of that. Like i can remember grown men and women that i know being like well yeah. The community says that the cops were crazy but the cop said that it was the person who was in. Fact nuts bro. You know grown grown adults. And i thought oh well okay. They just have no reason to stretch their minds to make room for. You know the fact that a whole community can't be wrong. Everyone everyone in the community is a crazy person. All right Yeah no you're absolutely right so we have the two of you here your good friends. You work together. You're used to hanging out. How often have you been talking to each other over the last few months not enough. I know genuine. I used to get breakfast together every morning at work from the second i would walk into work. We would immediately want them to the to tell you we would go to the cafeteria and get and gossip. We do our work and then we would go get lunch and then when we come back we do our work and then at night it'd be like texting each other. We are together so much that the lady who has the cashier upstairs Once i came in to get lunch with my husband and then later that day. She saw jenny alone and she said to jenny. I saw your friend in here with a man. She really stepping out on me. I would be a mass side. Didn't back on the side of our relationship that's right lost trying to live all right. We've a couple of games for you. The first one is a audio quiz. It's an audio edition of our recurring game this that or the other. We're gonna play you a short clip of a youtube video and you have to tell us if the sound you hear is made by cat a sheep or a human baby great. This is great cat. She human baby all right. Here's your first clip. All right amber is the sheep. It's a shape interesting choice jenny. Alien baby alien. No human back with amber for once and say wait note. If she's agreed with more than i'd like to change my answer i would like to change it to human bay okay. So you're going with human baby your baby. You're going chaser okay. It's interesting that is a cat cats. No yeah that's from. Youtube channel called animals are awesome. So this cat is probably making the chattering sound because it's seen a bird or some other prey. Scientists don't know exactly why cats make that sound. Let me because he wants to eat that sentence. Scientists don't know why casts for sure. They are disgusting enact every single one of them is just biding their time till their owner turns their back so they

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