Moderna to seek FDA emergency authorization for COVID-19 vaccine

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We're hurtling toward. What may well be a horrible and deadly holiday season as cova cases numbers and hospitalizations. Continue to reach alarming highs over ninety thousand. People are currently hospitalized in the us according to the cova tracking project that's compared to the previous high of about sixty thousand in the spring and summer. So more by half just terrifying. We're also moving quickly towards something that looks like hope to vaccines yesterday. Dern submitted its vaccine for fda authorization aaron. What's the latest on that. Well akilah thanks to the incredible work of scientists and researchers. We've now got to vaccines that. Could start to be distributed to americans within days or weeks maderna's mentioned and pfizer which submitted a couple of weeks ago. As soon as the fda reviews and approves either one for emergency use people can start lining up to get poked. Yeah i am also in line to get poked but as you've been talking about on the show with this first round vaccines were not going to have enough for everybody all at once and we don't have one official plan for who gets to be at the front of the line. That's why the cdc's advisory committee on immunization practices or ac ip is having an emergency meeting today hammer out some guidelines for states on who gets there. Kobe shot i. Yeah so what do we know about their thinking. Well much to the chagrin of the kardashians in everybody who would love to feel just a little more normal by having a massless dance party on a private island. The vaccine will not be distributed based on how many instagram followers. You have or even whether your father invented the toaster strudel I'm really bummed. I that's my dad. I know. I know grudging wieners. The has already decided that the first people in line should be healthcare workers and people who live in long term care facilities like nursing homes according to dr kathleen dueling medical officer at the cdc staff and residents at these facilities have accounted for almost forty percent of all deaths from covid nineteen even though there are less than one percent of the total us population if you add healthcare workers and people who live and work at long term care facilities. That's about twenty four million people even with fda approval and firing on all cylinders. There will only be about forty million vaccine doses available by the end of this godforsaken year and both cohen. Vaccines require two shots. Which means that those forty million doses will be barely enough to meet the needs of the very neediest in this group. Yeah and then. It starts to get a little bit trickier when you get into the other. Essential workers and people with high risk medical conditions. Or you know older people right. So according to the cdc there about eighty seven million essential workers one hundred million high risk adults and fifty three million people sixty five years of age or older. And of course there's some overlap between these categories. These are the people that would be prioritized next but as you can see there are a lot of them if all goes well you could see fifty million more doses ready to go in january another sixty million in february or march doing math divided by to carry the one that means about seventy five million people could be vaccinated against covid nineteen by the end of the first quarter of twenty twenty one which means the more people who are at an elevated risk from covid. Then there will be vaccines and there will not be enough vaccines to reach herd immunity at first and it's going to be a while before we get there and so this is just guidance. According to current lame duck secretary of health and human services. Alex as our love connick guy. Lame duck state governments will ultimately determine how the vaccine will be distributed. But who knows if that assertion will hold after biden takes office on january twentieth knows. Well it's a little bit of an elephant in the room. Here you know. America has a long history of ignoring the needs of and in some cases actively hurting the health of marginalized groups like indigenous americans living on reservations. Black people hello Non native english speakers people experiencing homelessness and the mentally ill among other groups. So how can we be sure that the cova vaccine will just pass them over. That's a really important question akilah. I'm sure there are already rich and powerful people trying to figure out how to skip the line. There's nothing more american than that but the acp seems determined to make sure americans have faith in the fairness of this process. All of their meetings are live streamed. So if you're looking for something to do today you can go ahead and livestream. The meeting in all the votes are public. The fda has also having meetings on vaccines on december tenth and seventeenth. This whole process depends on the public trusting the vaccine enough to let somebody shoot two doses of it into their arms and it seems like so far at least the folks in charge are taking that responsibility seriously and all this is happening with derna advisor will still be gathering more data and monitoring for adverse effects as the first groups of people get vaccinated and then the companies will have to go through the normal. Fda approval process as well. This first round of approval is a fast track process. So getting back to normal isn't site kind of if you squint. It's not that far. It's right there it's kind of kind of. Let's put it this way between now and when everybody who needs to be vaccinated is vaccinated. You'll definitely have time to relearn that foreign language tried to learn in high school and if mostly forgotten about by now

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