Chair of the Federal Reserve, also the first African American to head the


Psychologist encourage her to pursue her pursue economics and her dad, one of the country's first African American astrophysicist, who dared her to dream. She's done both. Confirmed C C will be the first is a mish you Excuse me, the fourth woman to lead the Council of National Income of Economic Advisers in the first African American ever to hold that post. And as CEO chair shall serve as a member of my Cabinet as well. As a member of the Council of Economic Advisors were also point. Jared Bernstein, an old friend who were with me a long time a brilliant thinker, quick, quick wit. The heart is biggest his head. Hard he got from his mom and educated who raised him correctly. Social worker turned economist. Jared is one of my closest economic advisors and friends. Serves my chief economist during the vice president's He was there and that foxhole during the great recession. The economy on the brink on our country on our SPAC. I couldn't think of anyone else who I want to be in my side to face the challenges ahead. Dad will be one of the leading voices of my administration and economic policy. You can always count on him to deliver straight from the shoulder. As his hero. FDR used to say straight from the shoulder. One thing I can assure is working People always have a voice with Jared in this council. As a member of the council Economic Advisors. I appoint Heather Bruce, eh? Heather. Thank you. For all the help you had in the transition team and getting me here. She's one of the foremost economists working to make a sure we build an economy that works for all Americans. The daughter of a union family. It's the one that she believes so deeply in the idea that leave no one out. Leave No one behind in this economy. During a campaign every light in our council on addressing the structural inequities within the economy. And I'll do so again as president because the center that's one of the central issues of our time. This came Thank you for accepting the call to serve again. Your to your families and to your thank them for their sacrifice is because it's real sacrifice. We could not do this without you. Into the American people. This team will always be there for you and your families. His family oriented. Team way got to make sure ordinary people get a chance to do well, because they've never been given a chance they've never, ever ever, ever let the country down. 11. Years ago, President Obama and I entered office during the great recession. And implemented the recovery act to save us from a great depression. I didn't see the map of America to time, nor did he in terms of blue states and red states. We only saw the United States America. We work with everyone for everyone. We recovered every built together as one nation. Vice President Harrison. I. We'll do that all over again with an outstanding team. They're ready on day one to United States Senate. I hope those outstanding these outstanding nominees will receive prompt hearing. And that we will be able to work across the aisle and good faith. Move forward as one country. So let's begin the work to heal to unite to rebuild an economy for all Americans. They deserve and expect nothing less. Thank you. May God bless you and may God protect our troops. Now turn this over to the new team started with our next secretary of Treasury. Janet Yellen again, Janet, Thanks for accepting Shit. If they're going to clean this off force here. We've been listening live to President Elect Joe Biden announced the top six members of economic team a number of first their first woman Treasury secretary. We're about to hear from her. Janet Yellen, the former

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