Back in the district on Pennsylvania Avenue in the area of Minnesota Avenue Watch for the work.


Now. In Virginia, North bound 95 delays near Route one in Spotsylvania trying to make your way pass through three and before the Rappahannock River Bridge. This is work set up in the left lane. If you're on 66 the delays inside the Beltway after Washington Boulevard watch for the work, taking at least one of your lanes and north bound 3 95 is slow trying to get across the 14th Street bridge and not quite sure what's going on there. Theo. Camera shot doesn't show it. It looks like it may be a work soon, possibly and when there is work there, it's usually set up along the right side in the district. The delay coming out of the South bound third Street Tunnel under the eastbound freeway that could be a work zone, also North bound D. C. To 95 heavy approaching and passing Pennsylvania Avenue. There've been some earlier police activity out of the road to the right that was causing the distraction. The earlier delays south about on the beat over You. Parkway headed on to D. C to 95 after 50. But before Eastern Avenue, the With the remnants of the vehicle Fire had been along the right side, but that delay his ears so that may have cleared South Bend in the Baltimore Washington Parkway in Maryland. Delays coming from the Beltway headed all the way toward 4 10. Not quite sure what's going on there. If you're trying to get across the Bay Bridge, they may have stopped traffic eastbound because they're picking up the cones on the Bay Bridge. The wind warnings are in effect on the bridge. No vehicle restrictions, but the wind morning means they had to discontinue the two way traffic. So for now, eastbound may be completely stop till they can get those cones picked up too late. Both lanes across the bridge. The westbound span at last check did still have a left lane blocked for two way traffic prep with two lanes getting across the bridge to the right side on the very nice Mac Middleton Bridge traffic alternates to get through that works own Comus Road in Clarksburg is still closed between Shiloh Church right in 3 55 due to a down tree and down wires in the roadway back in the district on Pennsylvania Avenue in the area of Minnesota Avenue Watch for the work. The paving project has two lanes blocked each way, the earlier today He's in the Beltway out of lube. Last seen near Route One in college Park had been some line painting

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