U.S.’s failure to contain the coronavirus ‘mind blowing,’ colder months will be ‘very tough’

MSNBC Morning Joe


Everything that's happening right. Now was warned of six months ago. Nine months ago. I i'll i'll say it now. I was on the phone with zeke emanuel back in march and rem annual back in march. Zeke had been talking to the president. I said what are you saying until it said. It's gonna be really bad mr president. It's going to be really bad. You got to get ready and as bad as it's going to be in the spring it's going to be worse in the fall. That was the warning. Donald j trump guide in march and we heard every doctor tell him the same thing every medical expert. Tell him this same thing and of course you had the press conference where donald trump assured us that this would not come back in the fall. Dr fauci said yes. It's going to come back in. The fall and healthcare systems are going to be pressed remembered all the times. Donald trump said we had the best testing of the world. We've got more testing. You see that picture of those cars lined up around dodger stadium. The best testing in the world not even close because he reviews time and time again to implement the defense production act remember. Donald trump saying one person coming in from china and then saying it was fifteen. And then saying we're gonna be fine in the fall. Will the fall is here and looking at this at the lines of people waiting to get a test. It's worse now than ever before. Just as donald trump was warned. Back in march by zeke emanuel justice warned by anthony algae on live television in a press conference. And so here. We are coming up to two hundred thousand new infections a day. Over two hundred and fifty thousand americans. Dead and that number is skyrocketing a shortage of testing our hospital system at a breaking point. This was not stupidity. This was willful negligence. And it's on donald trump and its own. Everybody that's worked for donald trump. It's on everybody inside the white house and it's on every republican that kept their mouth shut because they didn't want to insult the president. Oh yeah now. They don't want to insult the president while he's trying to actively undermine american democracy this past year they haven't wanted to upset the president because well he was lying about the coronavirus and a lot of stupid people really ignorant people believing. That's why we saw. Actually the governor of iowa mocking a mask mandate a couple of weeks before the election but after the election now suddenly a mask mandate is good science. This is willful negligence and it is. It is party politics at its worse it is. And you don't have to take zeke manuals word for it. We heard it in the presence. Own voice on those tapes from bob woodward. He said he knew how serious it was. He knew it was deadly. He called it the plague but he said he wanted to play it down. And as you point out there are press conferences we can roll out the tape where the president would get up in that white house briefing room and say it's not coming back in the fall. This is the worst of it. He'd move aside. Dr fact would say it's coming back in the fall. This is coming back in the fall so we are right where everyone told us we were going to be the differences between march and now eight months. We haven't done anything to stop what's happening right now. The judgement of history is going to be incredibly harsh as bad as it feels right now when we have some space for this everyone can look back on it. Hopefully we get through this rather than later. The fact that our federal government led by president trump stepped aside and let this virus burn through the country. It's unforgivable and it's happening right now and if you hear the urgency in the at briefing yesterday you hear the urgency from the cdc here the urgency from the doctors who come on our show. Dr oester home yesterday. Said this is the most serious public health a moment we've had in this country right now since one thousand nine hundred eighteen and we did start acting like it

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