Episode 57 Asking Better Question For Your Beauty Business


And that is encouraging. It's also like. I said it's helping your perspective clients on their journey at home of. Is this procedure right for me and kind of answering a lot of their questions and their concerns so we started thinking about our business in a different way of just not how do we get more visibility. But how do we get brand visibility. It's not just slapping up post on social media rate. it's like how can we make more of an impact. How can we 'cause you don't want more followers you want more buyers so you wanna be building list of not just likes and that are following your page in watching and lurking or whatever. That's good too because they're moving along and you can continue to nurture them but more importantly your answering those objections of like how i can solve your problem and then why now is the time to do it so i want you to start thinking about your business in a different way so i want you to start thinking. What future do i want. What future do i want for my business and one of my biggest questions. That i always say is what do i need to let go of to get there and sometimes it can be you know you need to build your business and that might be reaching out to more comments that might be doing being more consistent on social media or those type of things and maybe you need to let go of binge watching net flicks which might be taking up some of your time or maybe you need to let go of the limiting beliefs of. Oh it's going to take me too much time to get there right so what you need to let go and when you do this when you think about your goals and your kind of picture yourself at the top of that mountain and we're looking down and you've already hit that mountain top goal of whatever it is it's a financial goal or it's more time freedom time with your family your at the top of the mountain. And you're looking down your thinking. What did i believe about myself in order to get here. Like what did i need to create. What systems that. I need to create in my business. What strategies did i need to have to get to the top of the mountain because sometimes we set that goal and then we have no plan on how we're gonna get there. Were like my goal is to make. Sometimes they just pull random numbers like well. I did this last year. So i wanna do ten percent more and then we we don't track it so we don't even know for on the right path for even gonna hit that goal or we just have no strategy on how many clients you're going to reach out to each week and or how many videos are gonna post or any way of getting there right. It's just a random. Like well i'm just gonna i call it like the spray and pray or or just kinda like throwing spaghetti at the wall that is an older reference so anyways when we are looking at our business we want to start to think about. How can we grow our business. What are the right questions that we can ask in our business and again if you it depends on what stage you are at your business if you are at the beginning stage where you're just trying to get more clients in the door when i think about like we just said a moment ago. What are the clients thinking in their mind. What are they dealing with now. And what stories can we tell. Stories being real stories not made up stories real stories of our own experiences or pass client experiences. That can help. Get them over those objections and get them past. Those concerns the other thing that i want to just touch on is many times when we look at our concerns with our business in growing our business we often think. Okay i just need to do. More rights. many beauty professionals like oh well. I need to do instagram more. Or i just need to do stories more. Or i just need to do reels now or whatever it is whatever the next thing is like the idea is i need to just do more and i will challenge that and say that. It's not necessarily that you need to do more. Maybe you just need to actually have a little bit more focused on what's working and then do more of that right so this is where we need to kind of stop and evaluate. What's working in your business and figure out how we can tweak it and get better results from that. If you had a goal. Mr say you had only one goal in your business and your goal was to increase your clientele by twenty percent. If you have that one goal that you're working towards the odds of you reaching that goal with your just focus on one activity. That's already working. That's been getting great results when we just want to improve it when we think about that the odds of you hitting that goal are pretty likely like it's probably a good eighty ninety percent right for a really focused on that goal. The minute you split that focused the minute you have two goals or you're are working on lots of different projects. Now the odds of getting there is fifty fifty or less right because you are splitting your focus case so we want to know what you give your attention to is going to be what grows in your business and so finding out what is working in your business and then looking at your business in a different way like not always adding more but just like i said before simplifying it and saying how can i reach this goal in a more elegant way without all of the stress and i know you're thinking like that sounds like a fairytale. I'm not saying that you don't have to work hard work smart. You definitely have to do that. But i'm saying that you don't necessarily have to chase all the shiny

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