We've spent a week playing the new PS5: Here are our first impressions

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Week we were recording as our playstation five. Were arriving so we haven't got to spend much time with them yet. But now he's got a week of his five under our belts and we can share all of our impressions. I saw a justin. You have your five. I do okay. Okay who would like to begin. How have you've been finding your playstation five once. So i i've been playing spider man and i remember all the things i liked about their original spiderman which all good things One of the things. That's really funny. Is that spiderman. Look so much better than the rest of the game like every time. There's a cut scene or anything. I'm just like staring at the costume. It's so cool looking like the fabric and like the detail like his is opening and closing like apertures and stuff like that and like the city and stuff. It's just i kinda zipped through it now. And that's not. The remarkable part like the power of the playstation is in the cut scenes for me. That came really funny well especially when spiderman is actually a piece of snow with reflection on top of him he looked yes yes he's there's been some interesting glitches with spiderman before he turned into snow and trash for some people Brandon got a glitch where it was just the spider man costume torso completely empty like fully functional. Like and like you know. He does ski stealth mode in the scam. So just the halloween theme suit. Yes exactly maybe. he's porgy pigging. it will naked. So you're talking about Remastered right not. Miles morales telling talking about miles. Okay i want to try out remastered. I've really only played. Miles morales on the thus far. I think borbon is coming up. His camera for some reason doesn't want us to see what's going down over there okay. So you're you're saying you're playing spider man. Miles morales What do you think about the playstation five console itself in the sense. It's not a snappy as the xbox like to get in and out of game so turn it on stuff like it's just not as quick but of course it's a big jump over the last couple generations the controller. It's so cool. Like i'm so happy that there's a nexgen controller i. It's it's neat like the it feels like it has that quality of when the switch came out of like. Oh there's there's neat possibilities with this controller. But i also know that there's not because we're going to get this first wave games and then we're gonna get rumble and we might get used to it even if they don't use it in other games but i'm definitely like the first time you hold it on the subway and you feel the subway car moving or you. You're feeling you know any any type of stuff. In that game. It feels different and cool. It's not the most amazing game changing technology. But it's it's neat stacks jan. It's funny that you mentioned the switch. Because now we know that the same company the built hd rumble for the switch. Is the company that built the haptic feedback for the dual sense. Marina gonna say everybody keeps saying that astros playroom is like a really overlooked great title game of the year or at least one of those award considerations. I'm only kind of like briefly played through it mostly as like a demo for my brothers from ever trying to get more interested in video games So it is like the controller aspect is really cool. Because it's it's definitely like the demo showcase for that controller. I've also heard that call of duty. Does the same thing. Oklahoma ops showcase for that to place personally. Every gun in black ops cold war feels different. Yeah you mentioned. Astros player. That i played through the first level and totally fun. You know totally charming. I lo- i surprised. By how much like playstation fan service is littered all over the place. My favorite quote about that game comes from our own fearless leader pair schneider. Who said miyamoto's going to be so mad. He didn't make this. It is true though right. You know it's like people gave playstation a hard time with playstation all-stars where they have to cobble together. You know this you know mascots. In order to have a chance of competing with the intendo and their nostalgia factor. But like. I think that's really changed. The playroom team really gets playstation in in a little bit deeper. More reverential way I absolutely love playroom get enough of it. I think i'm going to go for the platinum. Where like i'm not like an achievements. I don't normally care to do that. But i'm kind of obsessed with it. And i think the music's really good and really charming and And i find that. The experience of playing that game with the dual sense is like so revelatory an awesome. It feels like magic. And it's like the dual sim controller and the in the in the the rumble in the triggers. Are my favorite thing about gen so

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