Biden reaches out to governors as Trump stymies transition

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President elect joe biden hosted. A meeting with a bipartisan group of governors today to come up with a plan to fight the coronavirus pandemic in the months ahead. Npr's windsor johnston reports. The biden transition team is moving forward with planning efforts. Despite no official cooperation from the white house biden says the trump administration's refusal to cooperate in the transfer of power is preventing his team from getting the information at needs to map out the critical months ahead. Not able to do everything from testing guidance to the all important issue of vaccine distribution and even more importantly vaccination plan to actually get vaccinations but will take what we've learned today and billy door pleaded also said that president trump's refusal to concede the election is irresponsible debilitating and sends a horrible message. The nation surpassed two hundred fifty thousand deaths from covid nineteen on wednesday and daily new infections. Continue to hit record

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