San Francisco rejects Warriors’ plan to bring fans into Chase Center


San Francisco Public health officials are saying not now to a plan that would have had all Golden State Warriors fans tested as they filed in tow Chase Center or at least before they got there. The Warriors had hoped to fill the place to have capacity for NBA games when the new season begins next month. It was a plan being closely watched from other parts of the country in the sports world, KCBS reporter Holly Kwon says the team is hoping what the city is really saying here is not no but not yet. With the state seeing rising case numbers and San Francisco getting dropped down to reopening tears from yellow to red health officer Dr Thomas Harrigan, but it was too risky to give the green light to the waiters plan to use rapid PCR tests. Clear enough fans to get Chase Center to 50% capacity. UCSF epidemiologist Dr George Rutherford worked with the Warriors on the plan and says the science is sound. But you do need lower case numbers to start with. He says. When they were tossing around the idea back in June, it was a pie in the sky to think you'd have a home virus test or a 95% effective vaccine. But after the last couple of weeks, it's clear the technology is they're sending a self test to season ticket holders is doable. They have the answer back before they left their house. So that for a handful of people who would show up at the gate who were given tickets or who got him through stuff up for something they would they would have on site testing for them, But you don't want to create those really long lines. You want to be able to bring the people the largest number of people that right away on about having backed up outside The city says it's open to the idea of 25% capacity at Chase Center. When case numbers allow all week. Juan KCBS

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