Republicans denounce Trump's attempts to pressure Michigan officials



Look. Your state is in the middle of this election controversy and as we speak the president has invited to of your republican leaders in the michigan legislature to the white house. He apparently the president does not want to accept the results of the election in michigan and appears to want the legislature to step in and award the electors to donald trump. Your reaction to that. Yeah well the the concept of the president asking someone to that is extremely troubling. I mean that's offering what the the democracy in my view and that's a terrible thing With respect to asking the legislative leaders to come meet with him at this point i wouldn't be critical of the legislative leaders. I mean step back and look at it and many people have strong feelings when they first hear this. But if the president of the united states calls you up and says he wants to meet with you. It's pretty hard to say you're not gonna go meet with him. It's really their actions. Coming out of a mess. How should be defined again. They both gone on the record to say that they didn't see any reason. There would be any change from the normal process. Taking place in michigan. They're both on the record for that. I would hope they would reiterate that to the president to say you know. That's the way it works in michigan and there's nothing to talk about if he asks for something inappropriate. Do you see any chance of fraud or improper handling of the ballots. That would in any way a raise questions about the results of the election in michigan. Now i have now. And i don't know anyone who has if you look at it all Eighty-three counties in michigan. Now certified by one by a fairly large margin actually. Republicans did well in michigan other than the presidential race. So if you look at it there's no indications in fact i believe some of the results even in wayne county or the detroit area which is the area that many people are talking about. Actually they have better results in terms of having their precincts match up on their numbers than they had four years ago. So if anything. i think. This is a good solid election. Taking place in michigan and i would expect the board of canvassers on monday to vote to certify the results. That's what they should do. So that's the state board of canvassers. And i wanna get to that in a second but we did have this episode this week. Where the two republican members of the canvassing board for wayne county which includes detroit. I said they would not vote to certify the election. Then they did then. They said they came under pressure and tried to recant it. Then there's also the suggestion that donald trump may have talked to at least one of them and possibly put pressure on them to say that they would not vote to certify. What do you make of all of that. The got certified. I think that's the important illegal point. What's trolling through. All this is the president's behavior and the people on his legal team in history. I mean there are actually undermining democracy with their actions again. If you have a ballot issue you should go to court. You prevent san evidence and you'll out of court decide all this other stuff is very damaging today actually. I'm concerned about the damage. That's going to go on for the next several years in terms of misinformation you know creating doubts in the minds of his supporters. Things like that. That's what's really troubling about. This is. I expect the process to work. I expect president-elect biden to become the next president through a legal process that were today If you look at it there hadn't been according the country to my knowledge that has found any merit any of the claims made. Let's get this thing over with but there's a lot of damage. President trump has done terrible things. I mean this man has the divider in chief in our nation and it's an awful outcome in terms of his behavior. We should point out that even though you're a two term republican governor of your state you actually endorse joe biden in this election. Why did you do that well as easy. I'm an american. I and it's in the best interest of america to have someone who's going to try to heal our country. Donald trump has been the divider and chief. The incivility in our country has reached a record level. I didn't think it could get worse. Actually post-election is showing can go even lower with this current behavior. This is awful and we need somebody to bring us back together. And joe biden. I believe can do that for the people that said they voted for trump even on a policy basis. I'm a nerd. I'm proud nerds dime into policy. Might make allergies. Were particularly that good. He had a few reasonable things that he did that. Were good but beyond that. Many of us steps really weren't that thoughtful nor good And so i think it's time for new leadership in our country. So not only did. I not want to vote for trump by found good reasons to vote for biden up and i'm glad to see that he won michigan. So you've targeted all of your criticism in this interview at donald trump. But what about the rest of your party. I assume you're you're still a republican. I'm still republican. Although a lot of republicans like the have other commentary on me. Yeah yeah let me give you an example. We have a reporter. Who works for us at yahoo news jon ward over the last week i think four times. He has emailed the comms. Directors of every republican senator. That's fifty three senators and only two of them got back and said yes and acknowledged that there was not significant fraud in this election. And we're willing to criticize a donald trump for how he handled this transition and his efforts to subvert the apparently subvert the election just two out of fifty three. What do you make of that. What do you make of of people in your party. Who have not been willing to do. What you're doing on this podcast right now and i wish there were more i really do and i would have expected more but as a practice marijuana also be conscious because these are good people. These many of these people have been public servants for years and to be blonde. Donald trump is a bully. I mean i've been on the record for that. I was as i'm a nerd. That was bullied a kid. So i understand bullying and if you're in a position like they are in many cases you have an issue with a bully out there and you're going to be pretty cautious about what you say because you don't want to be the next person that's a target of a bully. S my point. That's why i was happy to part president-elect biden was get this guy out of office and yeah backward. people actually respect one another and treat people with civility. Tell us about your own relationship with trump. because he's he's gone after you clearly and but you overlap with them while you were governor right so you must imagine. You guys must've talked. Was it like yeah. We never have had what i would describe as a real positive relationship because again if you look at that context i believe in being a positive person so even these comments are hard for me to get because i don't like being negative on anyone. I like to spend my time looking for the good in people but in his case he i would make an exception the way i viewed at many cases is he didn't understand a lot of the issues. That were going on in michigan. So i just sort of did my own thing and i didn't worry about if he was taking credit for it for example he to talk about michigan's great comeback. All that's fine. We did make michigan comeback in. We had it going. The comeback well underway before he ever became president. And if you wanna to take credit that's fine. I try to work with them. Because we're fellow public servants. He was at the federal level as at the state level. So i didn't go out of my way to generate conflict. Because if i could help michigan by getting them on board to do something for michigan that would be good

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