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Graham weekend edition of talking tech and you know black. Friday starts on sunday earlier this year. you're not going to have to fight the crowds. Because they're not going to let them congregate outside due to the kobe crisis. The best deals are going to be online. However do not that great as always. There's some. I've gone through them. But what i wanna do today is give you the calendar of what to look for this week starting sunday at target. Okay target kicks off. Its sale sunday morning. Best deal found is you can get the new echo speaker from amazon for seventy dollars thirty dollars off from normal same price that amazon will be selling it for and you can get a tcl. Sixty five inch four k. T for two twenty nine which is normally four hundred dollars. Sunday as well best buy will kick off its online sale then with more online specials on thursday a mix of online and in-store specials on friday and more online only deals for saturday. Got it again big. Tv's a seventy five inch l. G. is six hundred and forty nine dollars down two hundred dollars while a fifty five inch. Tcl roku is one hundred ninety nine which they say is two hundred dollars off. It's really more like twenty five to thirty dollars off. Because i know i bought one for two and a quarter or says around there for around two and a quarter just a few months ago. Wednesday is when walmart will kick off its sale. They're a little bit more aggressive with doorbusters. Like a seventy inch video. Tv normally around seven hundred dollars now. Four hundred seventy dollars and seventy cents. The airpods pros normally two hundred dollars. You can get it for one. Seventy the apple watch series three edition which is an older watch currently sells for two hundred dollars. It'll be one. Nineteen and amazon is going to be doing discounts. all week. they're discounts looked pretty good. If you like amazon products the echoed fifty dollars. Well now it's on sale for twenty eight. The euro three pack of eero mesh routers normally to seventy nine now

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