Male English speaking and all this other stuff that the world is made for me and she helped me understand that sobering we were going to talk and independent choice. And lastly, I know there's one person at least one who's listened to every bit of the way and that's my Aunt Carol. And so when you have somebody who was so close to you on this journey as well, who knows everybody that you recorded when you recorded them her sometimes she was there for them and she was there every time to talk to talk to me about it and just has been on this journey with me as well. I know what it's meant to her. So I know there's a chance there's an opportunity to connect you possibly with some of these amazing people and vice versa one day potentially. So not sure where to start there's always the beginning I just asked asked that you pardon my rudeness as a podcaster. I like to think that it's gotten back like to think that it's improved like to think that's the strategy in the structure and my ability to do that has changed and so if you start out to be fair just hang on for some of those idiosyncrasies wage. Get set a lot for a rookie starting out. But again looking back at those first people. There are some amazing Stories was amazing conversations and perspectives up there or you can go to the website. I kind of find a subject matter and is there's a cloud in the middle of the website. It tells you about topics one catches your eye or rolling through and just kind of see what what catches what what tugs at your heartstrings speak or you can start at the very last one and work your way backwards, whatever you want to do. I encourage you to jump in there and look around and also encourage you to listen to their podcasts summer think ever like The Nomad podcast the H by Luke Bronner other people's shoes by my friend Neil Matthews. There are there's a half way there with Eric Nevins. They're off our self price is our last one with Casa to church what if with Glen Seibert there are so many branded Handley. I'm trying to take Wally Carmichael has one dead. There are a lot of people out there my friend or Darian Parker has one and then I think of Oozma and Z Bahasa Malaysia free and Zappa Hassan who have one as well. There's Meg least. I'm trying to think of I'm thinking out loud so many of these people and conversations that are happening out there and have had happened and continue to happen are just just bought your soul and I get mine and I said all of the ones that are there there's a couple it's like children. You don't want to say which one is about there's a couple that really shattered my fundamental sense of life. When was with Steven Beck house Steven ends up becoming a friend of mine? I'm actually currently as a timer recording this a co-host with him and my friend Chris Marshawn who I actually had on here as well. And in those two guys and I have started a political theology podcast called tint theology after the group that Stephen founded and we tackle politics, you

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