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Young. Hey thanks for having me. I really like talking about. Star Wars. Yeah, and if you haven't seen Brian every week on the site has has like A. I WANNA call it a recap because I feel he gets much more than a recap. Would you call your your column about the mandatory in every Friday? You know I, kind of call it a review in that it does what I think or it it aims to do what I hope. Good criticism does is just shine lights on aspects of the. The show that people wouldn't have noticed whether that's in the filmmaking or the cinematic references or the mythological references and star wars. So I don't know, I, just call it a review but. Maybe. It's a little bit more depth than that to in this morning's one is like what two thousand words yeah just kept coming and I feel like I still in hit everything. And it's crazy to this year or at least for the first episode. Disney is not providing screeners for press. So you know all of us are actually did you stay up till midnight or did you watch it this morning? No I definitely watch this morning because it didn't come online until midnight Pacific Time which is two am my time and I'm getting too old to do that. I was up at midnight and I watched the thing and I was like I'll just go to bed after I couldn't sleep. I was up till three am just. Checking twitter reading up on things I. I was just like amped up. So bright you saw last right? No. I mean, in my time zone, it's one am in like Brad I'm getting too old for that sort of thing. So I got up at five actually to watch it and well, and I knew if I watched it last night, I was going to sit down in half to write my my review then. Go and I knew I wouldn't sleep. So I got up early in and got it done. Got It over to. To you all as fast as I possibly could. ANYWAYS, we're all on an even keel here. No one gets information ahead of time twenty twenty has sucked. But at least we have new season of the member Orien- right Maybe. It's over lining. I feel like it's the most excited I've been in a long time last night watching that episode Okay. Before you into the heavy spoilers I mean I wouldn't listen to this podcast if you haven't seen the episode so I'd go watch that on Disney right now but before we get to that, let's give our. Thoughts brief reactions and I'll start off by. Saying. This is how you do fan service. Right like Vincent gets bad rap I think that word is kind of used as a derogatory word in in certain ways but it was cool you know to. I feel like a lot of the stuff that was being done in this episode was not references for references sake it was the further story and then like when their work like interesting fan nods and reference it, you kind of have to connect the dots wasn't like. Oh look at that Blah Blah Blah. It wasn't like very obvious about it The production budget felt much bigger than season one for me. I I I. Love that. This was fifty four minutes where most of the season one episode where much shorter I think like most of them are closer to the thirty minutes. I. Guess. So. It was just it was so epic. So Good I. Guess My only negative that I want to say is I th I. Wish I had more of a role in this. Upset he was kind of like. The site I I mean I guess he's always sidekick, but he really didn't have much to do. So but I was really impressed with Jon favreau in what he was able to accomplish here. This is the first time you know he's obviously the creator of the show. He's a writer of the show, but this is the producer, but this is the first time he directed an episode. So Brian, what what are your brief thoughts? So I really loved the cinematic feel of it and it felt very George Lucas Very Spielberg and I'm sure we'll talk about that. Later. But I I'll be honest like I. Sort of as excited I was for what I saw at the ending I was also dismayed And it Kinda left me with like a bittersweet feeling because I've really enjoyed. BOBA FETT being dead. And getting. It's kind of like the feeling that a lot of people had with thinking ray was a nobody and then. J. j.j Abrams comes along. Well I don't I mean like I there was easier for me to swallow like I. Really. You only had years of that right? Like only two years of like thinking about that was the reality. Yeah, we've had a lot longer to to feel that Boba Fett was dead, but I really am appreciative of the fact that they worked in all of the stuff that Chuck Wendy get created around the armor and Cobb Vance to meet the elephants character that really. The that that has been the story for a long time and if they are incorporating that, I'm still not I. Don't know maybe maybe people know other things that I, don't but I'm still holding hope that it's not actually Boba Fett and it's some other random clone but I know that that's a long shot. Yeah. We'll get to that later. Do you have anything else to say in your brief thoughts? Just, it was fun. It was really fun and I haven't had that fun sitting. Had that much fun sitting down and watching something like this in a long time probably since last season well, Nelson's clone wars. Yeah Brad what are your thoughts on the by the way? Are we call this like to exit one or is this chapter nine like they're calling a chapter nine? I mean we'd be calling it both. Okay. Okay. What did you think of Chapter Nine? I realized I ought to fund with I'm I feel like I, wish that maybe it wasn't quite as long because even though it was a good episode I I felt a lot better when the episodes were between like thirty in forty minutes it just makes it feel a little bit breezy. especially since you know even though this season premiere did have some interesting new details to reveal. It felt more like an episode that was from like the middle of a season as opposed to season Premiere only because I didn't feel like that. There was much advancement as far as like the over. Arching plot you know it's like it's it's just a basic. It's like. Well, guess I'm taking this kid back to where you know to his people and you know, and here's another adventure of the week scenario and granted that's. The. Like I said there are big reveals I i. always like. I feel like season premieres should have you know something a little bit bigger and granted you know the whole idea of trying to take down a crate dragon is a big thing. I mean that's that's a big impressive effect that you're not likely to get in an average middle episode even a man to Laura and you know so that was a big deal but I don't know I don't want to say that disappointed because I never bored I still have a lot of fun with it but I guess I was just expecting a little bit more of an advancement with the the serial aspect of the story. That was my main complaint about season one was it was a lot of like. You know mission adventure of the week and it wasn't a lot of like there isn't really much of a overall like cereal plot of the show yet but I'm hoping that kicks into gear the season. What are you guys yet because I don't I don't mind the adventure of the week format necessarily but I just wish that the progress on the overarching stereo part of it was a little bit more media gas in each episode especially since these are very short seasons. You know it's interesting that it kind of depends on the scale you're looking at it from to right like in terms of the mandatory and in his story with seeking out man delorean's to return the asset to its people whether those are Djeddai or other creatures of its kind. It doesn't. It doesn't move the ball forward very much at all but when you pull back and look at the star. Wars universe. What it does with Craig Dragons in Tuscan raiders tattooing and Boba Fett absolutely does move that ball forward. So it's interesting to watch them balance between both those masters that they have to. Work for. I think that's fair. But I but I also think the progress of those balls in question is like I mean, how much? How much deeper are we into star wars lower by spending some extra time with Tuscan raiders in a crate dragon like it's not necessarily hugely revealing stuff that like provides a lot more depth into the Star Wars universe. It's more interesting details of stuff that we were already familiar with. Okay guys we we've got nine minutes which serve ref- reactions. Get into this.

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