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Joe, two year old Fox News President Trump has four rallies in Pennsylvania. Today's he tries to sway voters in the key swing states. The president in reading Pennsylvania after an earlier event in Newtown, telling the crowd they're my Pennsylvanians should not vote for Joe Biden. It was the cheerleader for NAFTA. And China's entry into the World Trade Organization. Pennsylvania lost 50% of your manufacturing jobs after those Biden disasters. Then Biden pushed the job killing Paris climate accord. The president also has rallies in Pittsburgh and Montoursville, former president Obama, campaigning with Joe Biden for the Democratic ticket with two rallies and Michigan. The former president told of driving rally in Flint, Michigan. That President Trump is hurting the country hasn't shown any interest in doing the work. Or helping anybody but himself and his friends. For treating the presidency is anything more than a reality show to give him the attention that he craze. But unfortunately the rest of us have to live with the consequences. The former president and Biden host an event in Detroit later today, the latest Fox News polls show Biden still has an edge. The latest Fox News posed for the election of President Trump needs to pull off an even bigger upset This time around. The president now trails Joe Biden by eight points, which shows he's actually gaining ground. He was down 10 points early this month. This time four years ago, Hillary Clinton led by only four points. The Trump campaign, believes Pennsylvania once again be critical. The winning boxes. Lucas Tomlinson and French police say a suspect has been arrested after a great Orthodox priest was shot and seriously wounded outside a church in the city of Leone. Investigators say the motive is not clear. America is listening to Fox News.

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