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Biden transition team advisers, Simone Sanders on CBS's Face, The Nation said. The president and the head of the General Services Administration have been slow to accept the vote of the people. But there are pressing matters that have to be addressed. And the Biden Harris team is moving forward. There will be Cabinet nominations picks on Tuesday. I don't I can't tell you right now. How many or hopes believe that choices for secretary of State and secretary of the Treasury may be among those revealed This week boxes Gurnal Scott as the Trump campaign vows to contest the election results. His legal team has alleged that Dominion voting machines used in 28 states switched votes and her subject to foreign influence too many, UM, representative Michael Steele says it's not possible when the voter boats on a Dominion machine they fill out their battle. It On the touch screen. They're given a printed copy, which they then give to a local election officials for safekeeping if any electronic interference had taken place, the tally recorded electronically would not match the printed ballots. The Trump legal team has not provided any confirmed to proof of the allegations. The Trump Administration says it's ready to distribute a covert 19 vaccine once it's approved. Operation works Speed top adviser Doctor Moncef Slowly we are ready to start shipping vaccines within 24 hours from approval, ship them to the sites that each state That are located number quantity of vaccine that's proportionate to their population tells us where slowly telling ABC this week he expects that to happen by mid December, America is listening.

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