The Simple Yet Transformative Power of Breathwork


Hired him here with jin broil who is an essential oil specialist breath. Work instructor am health coach. She helps individuals restore and optimize their health by calming the nervous system reducing stress and awakening their inner healer. She recognizes that in over stimulated nervous system compromised gut health and suppressed emotions lead to imbalances throughout the mind body and spirit. Jin combines the healing power of breath work essential oils other holistic modalities to help clients create a lifestyle of health vitality and freedom gin and welcome to the show. It's so great to have you here. Thank you mantha here. Who i really wanted to have you on the show because i love this topic of breath work because it's a tool that we all have ray like you don't have to buy anything you don't have to go to the store or train for however long hours to learn how to use your breath to feel better right. It's so powerful it is. It is one of of the things that we have built with. Anna's and you know we just haven't been taught how to use it in certain ways that promotes healing and restoration but yes life giving tool and when we bring awareness to it and consciously breeze we can we can spark so many benefits from that and like you said it's available to us all the time it's free. It's it's an us south one of the easiest things that we can incorporate absolutely so it had a new come to discover breath work in your own life. Yeah so. I got into the holistic health world about ten years ago and like many of us that start down that natural help path oftentimes. It's when we're trying to solve our own health challenges or that of a loved one and that was the case for me. I have been at the time experiencing chronic digestive shoes for a number of years and just never did anything about it just managed at the best i could. And then it started kind of stemming into other symptoms anxiety and hormone imbalances and other things. And at that time you know the my late twenties and i was working in pharmaceutical sale. And i knew. I really believe in that conventional model medicine. That's all i really knew. And i thought it offered all of the solutions to all l. mets. But when it didn't for me i was kind of forced to look elsewhere and i started reading books on nutrition and that led into this whole world of alternative medicine and vocational medicine. Integrative medicine and holistic health and it opens my eyes to all of these other options and solutions and it sparks passion in me and i ended up going back to school to study integrative nutrition and from there i discovered essential oil to j. incorporated into my own daily practice and then currently use my clients because i find them to be so powerful and then through all of that to you know it really is a journey. I stumbled upon breath work after coming up in conversation multiple times and making okay. What exactly is breath work. Like i've heard of like deep breathing and in certain style of breathing what is an actual bradford practice. And so i was out in california. The time and i attended a few different styles of breath work classes and was blown away by the power of breathing in certain pattern for an extended period of time. And what that can do for your mental wellness your emotional wellness physical wellness and just calming the nervous system. Just truly leaving. You feeling just restored and lighter and free and happier just through breathing and though i dove into my own personal bradford practice and through that really felt the call to become an instructor. Share this with other people. Because i think it's something that is not why as widespread needs to be and it can offer so many benefits to just anybody. Yeah i really want to dive into a central breath work and go hand in hand and i know that it's such a beautiful relationship between the two and it can be but but i tell me who could benefit from from breath work and do they need to know anything coming in or you know what can it help. And what can help. It can help so much honestly. The type of breath work that i teach is called. Soma bre you don't need to know a whole lot coming into it. You don't need to train for it. You know you know. We're we're really breathing in a rhythmic diaphragm. Matic form for most of the practice. And then we do some breath holding as well so in terms of what it can help with and and who it can help. I mean everything from from supporting physical health along with emotional health and mental health. So it really helps you know through calming the nervous system getting out of that fight or flight. Response that survival mode. We are able to activate appear sympathetic nervous system and thaddeus estate in which we heal k and and that's a state in which we restore and so so. This breath work really help. Balance the nervous system and get

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